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About issuance of allowance for disabled persons authorization book of elderly person

Last update date March 7, 2019

When Manager of each ward Health and Welfare Center authorizes when it follows drill or person with a physical disability who slept, we issue "allowance for disabled persons eligible people authorization book" by people 65 years or older.
By this authorized book, we can receive subtraction of constant amount of money from income amounts of money becoming taxable such as income tax or municipal tax.
About the details, please see "(PDF: 326KB) about issuance of allowance for disabled persons authorization book of elderly person".


About authorization of allowance for disabled persons: Each ward Elderly and Disabled Support Division
About procedure for allowances for disabled persons of income tax: Tax office (when income tax is withheld from salary, we are in charge of office salary)
About allowances for disabled persons of municipal tax, prefectural tax: Each ward Tax Division

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