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About medical expenses subtraction to affect diaper charges

Last update date January 9, 2020

In final income tax return, diaper charges are recognized as an object of medical expenses subtraction by documents (called "confirmation" as follows.) which confirmed contents of family doctor statement of position that the municipalities modify certification for long-term care based on Nursing Care Insurance Law without "use of diaper certificate" which doctor issued about Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare and National Tax Agency that there is that we receive medical expenses subtraction about diaper charges based on notice after the second year if we can confirm thing that is in a state and that there is outbreak possibility of incontinence of urine after having slept.
About the details, please see "(PDF: 379KB) about grant of "confirmation" for medical expenses subtraction to affect diaper charges".


About grant of "confirmation" for medical expenses subtraction to affect diaper charges: Each ward Elderly and Disabled Support Division
About report of medical expenses subtraction: Tax office

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