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About house repair costs of The Long-term Care Insurance

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Last update date June 24, 2020


When installation of handrail performs specific house repair not to have problem in life in being at home, in the certain limit, 90% (in the case of 10% burden) of expense that we suffered from is refunded as payment costs of The Long-term Care Insurance by insurer (Yokohama-shi).

  • Object: Support required, person requiring nursing care
  • Limit: 200,000 yen (in the case of insurance payment 180,000 yen (10% burden))
    • User burden on person with income above a certain level 20% (insurance payment 160,000 yen) or 30% (insurance payment 140,000 yen) ※It becomes in this.
      ※30% burden introduction from August, 2018
    • Burden ratio as of the date of payment (date of receipt) of repair expense is applied.
      About income above a certain level,About user burden of service (PDF: 475KB)Please refer to this.
    • About residence renovation,House environmental service (PDF: 2,223KB)But we can receive the furtherance.

Flow of procedure

(1) We talk with Care manager (reason book which Care manager made is necessary by all means.)

When there is not Care manager, we talk with ward office advanced age (obstacle) support section

(2) We talk about content of house repair with ward office Insurance and Pension Division beforehand

We just pay user share when we ask the receipt commission payment handling company for construction and can construct. (even if house repair work is not registration company, we handle and can do it.)

To see the receipt commission payment registration company list (we move to page for companies)

(3) It is applied to ward office Insurance and Pension Division for house repair costs

Prior application before the construction start of construction becomes condition.

Documents which are necessary before the construction start of construction

(4) "News about house repair" receipt

Construction, completion

(5) Refund (when we ask the receipt commission payment company, we do not need procedure) of house repair costs

Documents which are necessary after the construction construction

About some revisions about "payment of home care house repair costs and care prevention house repair costs"

About house repair adequacy business

Documents examination and visit investigation for individual application by person having specialized knowledge about the welfare living environment was finished on March 31, 2012. Thank you for your cooperation.
In addition, we confirm as an object of insurance payment whether it is repair that construction applied for was good for person insured continuously at each ward office whether it is appropriateness. I would like cooperation about construction contents sequentially on this occasion in question and having possibilities to confirm.

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