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Final update date June 12, 2020

Insurance and Payment method Insurance

The cost of providing services in The Long-term Care Insurance City provides about half of the public expenses (taxes), excluding the user's own expenses, and the other half is covered by insurance premiums for insured persons over the age of 40.

No. 1 insured (all people over 65)

Based on the amount of insurance premium (base amount) determined by Yokohama City, insurance premiums will be charged according to the income of the previous year.
For those who receive a public pension of 180,000 yen or more per year, insurance premiums will be deducted from pension City, and other people will be required to pay by payment slip or fund transfer.
For those over 65 years old, we will send you a "Long-term Care Insurance Premium Amount Decision Notice in June every year, which is determined by Long-term Care Insurance Premium is determined. We send "Long-term Care Insurance Premium forehead letter of advice will be sent to those who have turned 65 or moved to be transferred to Yokohama City at any time. The "Long-term Care Insurance Premium Amount Decision Notice and Long-term Care Insurance Premium Amount Notice and the annual premium amount and the premium amount for each period are written. Please see "Long-term Care Insurance Premium's mechanism for insurance premiums for those aged 65 and over, see "Long-term Care Insurance Premium and insurance premiums for those aged 65 and over.

No. 2 insured (medical insurance subscribers aged 40 to under 65)

For those aged 40 to 64, in principle, you must pay Long-term Care Insurance Premium between the ages of 40 and 64, in principle. From 65 years of age, you must pay Long-term Care Insurance Premium for each individual, not for medical insurance premiums from the age of 65.

Long-term Care Insurance Premium's structure in Yokohama

Fiscal 2020 (7th term)

Nonpayment of insurance premiums

If you have been late for a long time, you can check the measures based on laws and regulations when using the nursing care service.

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