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Various application relations: About the specific welfare tool purchase

Last update date July 21, 2020

1.Payment of welfare tool purchase costs

Because person insured having need of nursing care, support authorization required uses in the home, a part of the welfare tool purchase costs is refunded by the specific welfare tool sale company when we purchase the specific welfare tool.

※When he/she lives in care pay nursing home and group home belonging to, as a general rule, it is not available.

※We cannot refund if we do not purchase from company which received designation of prefectural governors (about company in Yokohama-shi Yokohama-shi) as "the specific welfare tool sale company".

2.Target item

Target item
Target itemDetails
1.Chair toilet seat

Thing corresponding to any of the following is best.
・We put on the Japanese style toilet and convert into chair type
・We put on the Western style toilet and make up for height
・We have function that can assist when we stand up from toilet seat in electric or spring expression
・Toilet which consists of toilet seat, buckets, and is movable
(available thing is best in the living room.)

2.Exchangeable parts of automatic excretion processor

Exchangeable parts of "automatic excretion processor" which is the welfare tool loan item of The Long-term Care Insurance.
3.Bathing assistance tool

It is tool for the purpose of assistance on the occasion of bathing such as maintenance, comings and goings to bathtub to seat rank and limits to thing corresponding to any of the following.
・Chair for bathing
・Handrail for bathtub
・Chair in bathtub
・Bathing stand (and stand to use over edge of bathtub thing for comings and goings to bathtub)
・Drainboard in bathroom
・Drainboard in bathtub
・Assistance belt for bathing

4.Simple bathtubCan move easily in air type or folding ceremony, and is thing without construction for water intake or drainage
5.Part of fishing tackle of lift for movementPart of fishing tackle of "lift for movement" which is the welfare tool loan item of The Long-term Care Insurance

3.Supply amount of money

90% (when there is income above a certain level 80% or 70%) of purchased amount

※There is refund limit (a year) as follows.

・Burden ratio in the case of 10% → 90,000 yen

・Burden ratio in the case of 20% → 80,000 yen

・Burden ratio in the case of 30% → 70,000 yen

※As a general rule, we cannot purchase the same type of things redundantly.


(1)Person who goes through the procedure

Person insured

※In Yokohama-shi, we do not become benefit in kind by application, the receipt commission payment about the welfare tool purchase.

(2)Reception desk place

Ward office Insurance and Pension Division of ward with Address of identification of The Long-term Care Insurance person insured

(3)Necessary documents

・Payment of application style (Excel: 24KB) entry examples (PDF: 226KB) such as The Long-term Care Insurance payment costs

・The details input vote 3 style (Excel: 18KB) entry example (PDF: 123KB)


・Of reason why the welfare tool is necessary understand (mention to application, reason book (reference style) (Excel: 19KB), home service plan, either of welfare equipment sales plan)

・Including brochure of the welfare tool which purchased (documents which summary of the welfare tool is listed in)

About payment of The Long-term Care Insurance identification welfare tool purchase costs accompanied with October 1, 2019 consumption tax law revision

The consumption tax law is revised from October 1, 2019, and tax rate is raised in 10%, but, as for the specific welfare tool purchase costs in Nursing Care Insurance Law, tax rate applied by "delivery date" is different to hit transfers of assets becoming taxable in the general consumption tax law.

In other words, as for the consumption tax rate, 10% are applied to consumption tax rate when we deliver by September 30, 2019 when we deliver after 8%, October 1, 2019.

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