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Summary of The Long-term Care Insurance

Last update date April 5, 2019

With The Long-term Care Insurance

It is system of cooperation to assist care in the whole society.
Aging goes ahead through our society at speed not to look at example so far now. Thinking to "do what in future if it is anticipated drill which lay down and that elderly people that care is necessary increase rapidly, and long-term care is necessary" not thing only for elderly person and the family as for whom hold commonly; become uneasy.
In addition, period when care is necessary is prolonged, and aging of family to care for advances, and enough correspondence becomes difficult by care by family.
Nursing-care insurance system was made for the purpose of assisting care that became life biggest uneasy factor when old in the whole society.

Administration of nursing-care insurance system

Yokohama-shi is insurer and runs system.
Nursing-care insurance system was enforced in April, 2000.
We carry out the collection, certification for long-term care of premium, insurance payment, and Yokohama-shi that is insurer is administration of system.
In addition, revision of system was made in April, 2006 to cope with aging progress after system start.

About report

Citizen's people 65 years or older, person having identification of The Long-term Care Insurance person insured in medical insurance members from 40 years old to 64 years old, please tell the following case.

  • When we moved into from other municipalities or when we are transferred in other municipalities
  • When Address and full name, household changed
  • When we lost identification of The Long-term Care Insurance person insured and have polluted
  • When person insured died
  • When we made entrance (entering) in care insurance facility of the suburbs and moved in Address
  • When we received social security or when we did not receive
  • When we entered person with a disability support facilities or when we left

Flows from new application to use of service

1.Consultation, application

The person or family does application of "certification for long-term care" in ward office Elderly and Disabled Support Division. We can have Local Elderly Care Management Center (community care plazas), home care support company act.
Necessary documents are as follows

  • Need of nursing care, support authorization application (in window) required
  • Care health insurance card (issued when we became 65 years old)
  • Private seal (when application is written, the person is unnecessary)
  • We know family medical institution name, doctor name
  • Health insurance card of medical insurance that person of "No. 2 person insured" taking out medical insurance at 64 years old from 40 years old joins

The Long-term Care Insurance (need of nursing care, support required) authorization application and entry example

2.Authorized investigation

Investigator visits homes after contact beforehand from ward office and trust company and interviews from the person and family. Investigation item is basic investigation and general condition investigation into 74 items common throughout the whole country.
Investigator becomes care manager belonging to the ward staff or company.

3.Family doctor statement of position

Statement of position is made by family doctor which we appointed at the time of application. We list the situation such as illness that is cause of mental and physical obstacle. As I hand documentation package to the person in the case of principle, application or mail, please bring to family doctor.

4.Certification for long-term care

Based on result and family doctor statement of position of authorized investigation, committee for certification of need consisting of specialist in health, medical care, welfare judges examination how care is need.
Based on examination, judgment of committee for certification of need, ward authorizes need of nursing care degree.

5.Consultation to home care support companies

Person recognized being to if care is necessary starts use of care service in consultation with home care support company.
We talk with Local Elderly Care Management Center, and person that support was required starts use of care preventive service.

Request for home, care prevention service program planning, care prevention care management registration form

6.The use of service

Please confirm about available service and the use procedure details from page of The Long-term Care Insurance brochure.
Yokohama-shi The Long-term Care Insurance general information brochure (heart page)

About user burden

When we used service of The Long-term Care Insurance, we bear 10% (when there is income above a certain level 20% or 30%) of service expense. In addition, we bear the food expenses, room charge and daily life cost of living when we use service of facility origin. (the food expenses, room charge and daily life cost of living are different for each company to be selected by contract when we use.)

About reduction system of user burden

1.Large amount care service costs

When user burden (10%, 20% of service expense or 30%) for a month applies to ward office at time more than the amount of constant upper limit, "large amount of care service costs" are refunded. For more details, please refer to Insurance and Pension Division of ward office.

2.Burden reduction of the food expenses, room charge (the residence costs, accommodation expenses)

It is paid privately in full, but, about the food expenses, room charge at the time of facility entrance and the short-term entrance (short stay) use, self-pay is usually reduced according to income by application to ward office Insurance and Pension Division when we meet constant standard in belonging to municipal tax tax exemption household.
When as a result of being more than two households, and entering care insurance facility, and having born the food expenses, room charge when we do not become a target of burden limit authorization, we meet constant standard, self-pay is reduced by application to ward office Insurance and Pension Division (exception reduction measures).
For more details, please refer to ward office Insurance and Pension Division.

3.Major medical service, large amount of care adding up system

When each medical insurance (social insurance, medical system for elder senior citizens such as National Health Insurance, health insurance union) and net total of self-pay of The Long-term Care Insurance of one year become large, share beyond the amount of set self-pay upper limit is refunded. It is necessary to apply at window of medical insurance taking out, and to go through the procedure to receive supply. For more details, please refer to medical insurance taking out.

4.Other user burden reduction

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