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Yokohama future switch background

Why does Yokohama-shi want everybody to think about the future? We introduce the background.

Last update date August 13, 2020

[video] We will imagine positive aging - 20 years later

It is estimated that total population decreases from about 3.73 million to about 3.52 million by population prediction from 2018 through 2040 in the future of Yokohama-shi.
On the other hand, ratios of elderly people 65 years or older increase from 24% to 33%, and it is anticipated that super-aged society further progresses.

Natural wastage of population largely increases with 21,623 people from 5,716, and it is anticipated that super-aged society progresses at unprecedented speed.

If super-aged society progresses, and population structure changes, social scenery changes. It is short of human resources of increase and medical care and care of person with dementia, and increase of social security budget is anticipated.

For example, concrete image may spring out when we imagine own 20 years later.

It is the whole Yokohama-shi and faces each other for such a super-aged society that is not avoided and it is aggressive and wants to make society to be able to live for actively even if care is necessary even if we get old.
We want to spend time like oneself at any age in area. With such a wish, we promote Yokohama model area inclusion care.

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