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Last update date August 13, 2020

In Yokohama-shi, we aim at cause of basic aim "positive aging" of Yokohama area inclusion care plan (the seventh Yokohama-shi elderly person health welfare program, The Long-term Care Insurance business plan), "Yokohama that anyone seems to be oneself at any time forever and can be" and push forward various approaches with related organizations and group, local.
We raise "Yokohama future switch" and will work on public information in future to be able to act to each person's citizen's all of you for super-aged society to progress more and more.

Yokohama future switch

Logo mark

To "future switch,"
With meaning called ""turning on" switch which is conscious of the future,"
"In some way "" to change for way of thinking to repeating age catching negatively"
We put two meanings called this.
In addition, we wrote basic aim "positive aging" of Yokohama area inclusion care plan jointly and expressed way of thinking of local inclusion care.

Curve to constitute into a Japanese yen of symbol form symbolizes well-being and expresses that value gradually rises with U curve.
Straight line that declined a little to the right expresses that the future leaves for good direction reflecting the image of needle of meter.

Statement (aiming thing)

The present when we are going to reach the times for life 100 years,

Is life of elderly person the old age and the rest of life?

The future of several decades is waiting still more from now on.

New pleasure and new challenge, new encounter.

As for various things, things, people coloring the life,

As for a lot of possibility.

But as for the life after we get old,

It has nothing to do with today's us.

We correspond to repeating age in the background

Rearward thought.

Whenever we repeat age to Japanese

Tendency that well-being falls to is seen.

Declining birth rate and the graying, medical care, care, the welfare, senior,

Image for casual words is somehow negative.

At first, we try to cause there a stir.

Viewpoint, way of thinking of one one

"We switch positively" and try to do.

By doing so

Want to see to hear story, want to participate,

One such person increases with one again.

We expect in "in", coming "future in" now to spend in Yokohama,

We bring about circulation to think about positively.

[video] Yokohama future switch (one minute)

[video] Will you have switch anything future? (15 seconds)

Logo mark (downloading)

Logo of Yokohama future switch is 4 following patterns. You download, and please use.
[logo precautions] Please do not change reduced scale of length and breadth. You keep in frame, and you divide ⽂ character, mark, and please do not do shi ⽤.


Why does Yokohama-shi want everybody to think about the future?
We introduce the background.

It is Clik! with switch

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