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Do you know about the help mark?

Final update date: January 26, 2021

Help mark

For those who use prostheses or artificial joints, those who have internal disorders or incurable disease, or those who do not know from the outside but need "help" or "consideration" It is a mark created to make it easier to get "help" by letting them know that you need "consideration". The spread of marks has progressed nationwide, and various types of marks such as paper and wooden are used.

Help mark image
help mark

The red help mark requires help, and the heart has the help of the other person.

That means.

Do you know help mark (Kanagawa homepage) (outside site)
Help mark for helping each other (Tokyo Health and Welfare Bureau) (outside site)


It is distributed by proposals from the following target persons. (Resident in Yokohama)

  • Those using prostheses or artificial joints
  • Persons with internal disabilities or incurable disease
  • People in the early stages of pregnancy
  • Those who need assistance or consideration

If you see someone wearing a help mark,

Please give me a seat on the train or bus.

Even though they may look healthy, it may be difficult to maintain the same posture, such as being tired or holding on to the hanging skin. Also, since you can't tell from your appearance, sitting in the priority seat can be seen suspiciously and be stressed. Please give consideration to giving seats other than priority seats.

At stations and commercial facilities, please give consideration such as calling out.

Some people have difficulty responding to unexpected events such as traffic accidents, and others have difficulties in standing up, walking, and going up and down stairs. If you see a person in need, please give consideration to calling out gently.

In the event of a disaster, please provide assistance for safe evacuation.

Some people need attention, such as those who have visual or hearing impairments and are difficult to grasp the situation, and those who have physical disabilities and are unable to evacuate quickly on their own. It is important to protect yourself, but if you see a person in need, please call and help.

Distribution of Help Marks

In Yokohama, a new environmentally friendly material made from limestone,LIMEXIt uses a help mark that uses "Raimeks". LIMEX does not use water or wood pulp as a raw material, but can be reused after use through the process of collection, pelletization, and reproductiveization. In addition, it excels in durability and water resistance, and can be used where it is hard to tear and wet.
It can be attached to a bag as it is, but because it is a thin material, it can be used in your favorite card case like the help mark on the right.

Distribution locations in Yokohama

  • Health and Welfare Center Elderly and Disabled Support Division of each ward

[Note] Distribution is from 8:45 to 17:00 on weekdays (excluding New Year holidays). We do not distribute Saturday open agency days.

  • Health and Social Welfare Bureau Disability Measures Promotion
  • Yokohama City Rehabilitation Center

[Note] Distribution is from 8:45 to 17:15 on weekdays (excluding New Year holidays).

Distribution locations in Kanagawa Prefecture


  • Up to one person per person will be distributed upon request from himself or his proxy/agent (family, supporter, etc.).
  • It is not necessary to post a certificate of disability, identification card, or submit an application.
  • Please do not misuse such as resale of help marks.

I dispatch lecture/off site lecture of the help mark was performed.

On Thursday, December 3, 2020, an dispatch lecture/off site lecture on the theme of the help mark.

Please see the course from the link below.

dispatch lecture/off site lecture of the help mark has been performed!

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