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Healthy notebook

Last update date March 15, 2019

We distribute healthy notebook.

Distribution place

Each ward office Elderly and Disabled Support Division window.
We do not make distribution standard in particular.
In that this notebook is needed in impaired people, I hand even to anyone regardless of presence or obstacle degree of notebook.

Photograph sample of healthy notebook

Effect to expect

1."It is hard, and white robe becomes restless with Codium with white robe", in one with mental disabilities, is which "we cannot have a medical examination well when we are weak in judgment, and doctor hangs glasses".
We can begin medical examination smoothly by telling that I would like consideration at the time of consultation with healthy notebook beforehand.
2.When we explain medical history and life history, medication information, we come to be able to convey what we are apt to forget definitely.
3.We know state and the medication situation of obstacle by carrying this notebook at the time of disaster and can receive appropriate measures.

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