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Yokohama City Disability Plan Symposium

Final update date March 15, 2019

~ Supporting communication for people with intellectual disabilities ~ That's it! Communication Board Strategy

Yokohama City aims to realize a society where people without disabilities can live independently and safely in the community. To that end, we launched the "Safety Net Project Yokohama" in collaboration with citizens this year.
This year, as one of the specific activities, a communication board has been created to make it easier for people with intellectual disabilities (especially those who are not good at communicating with autism, etc.) to communicate their will and demands to others. It will be distributed to stores such as convenience stores (about 1,150 places).

Business characteristics

  • It was the first time in Japan to collaborate with citizens from planning to creation and distribution. It will be the first time that the entire city has been deployed.
  • Held all at once during the week of the disabled. Distribution is carried out by persons with disabilities, their families and supporters.
  • Distribution destinations will be familiar convenience stores, etc., and the ease of shopping for persons with disabilities and the number of places to watch will increase.

Distribution date

Persons with disabilities week from December 3 (Saturday) to 9 (Friday), 2005

Distribution materials

Communication board, flyer, request text

Distribution destination

Stores such as convenience stores in the city


Persons with disabilities, families and supporters

Distribution method

A group of several people will visit each store and distribute it while explaining.
Communication Board


Communication board (PDF: 1,087KB)
Information flyer for communication board (PDF: 2,162KB)

Safety Net Project Yokohama (14 organizations)

1. Purpose

In order for people with disabilities living in Yokohama to live in the community with peace of mind, we will give them the power to claim themselves, promote networking in the community, and deepen their understanding of the community. The purpose is to provide various support measures.


parties and family groups

  • Federation of Yokohama City Federations for the Protection of Children with Disabilities
  • Federation of Yokohama-shi person with a physical disability group
  • Liaison meeting to consider measures for persons with disabilities in Yokohama
  • Liaison Council to Protect Yokohama Children with Disabilities
  • Yokohama-shi autistic child, person parent meeting

Supporting organizations

  • Yokohama Intellectual Disability Related Facilities Council
  • Yokohama-shi person with a disability local action home liaison meeting
  • Yokohama-shi person with a disability area workshop liaison meeting
  • Yokohama-shi group home liaison meeting
  • P&A Study Group
  • Federation of Yokohama-shi mentally handicapped community life support
  • Independent Living Assistant Liaison Committee

Related organizations

  • Yokohama-shi Council of Social
  • Yokohama-shi

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