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Yokohama-shi person with a disability plan symposium

Last update date March 15, 2019

Go to ... that supporting communication of ... mentally-disabled person; is communication board masterpiece round

In Yokohama-shi, person who does not have impaired person aims at social realization that can live a life that became independent in peace in area. Therefore we launched "safety net project Yokohama" by collaboration with citizen from this year.
We make communication board for person (person weak in communication with autism in particular) with mental disabilities to make it easy to tell against self-will and demand as one of the concrete activities and distribute to stores such as convenience stores (about 1,150) this year.

Characteristic of business

  • From plan to making, distribution, citizen and one which we performed by collaboration are the first in the whole country. Simultaneous development is naive in all city limits, too.
  • We carry out all at once for person with a disability week. The obstacle person concerned, family and supporter carry out distribution.
  • Assume distribution imminent convenience stores, easy shopping of the person with a disability see, and ground of defense increases.

Distribution day

People with a disability week from Saturday, December 3, 2005 to 9th Friday

Distribution thing

Communication board flyer, request


Stores such as the city convenience stores


The obstacle person concerned, family and supporter

Distribution method

While inquiry explains by one store in group of several people, we distribute.
Communication board


Communication board (PDF: 1,087KB)
Announcement of communication board flyer (PDF: 2,162KB)

Safety net project Yokohama (14 groups)

1. Purpose

Impaired people living in Yokohama-shi touch power that can insist by oneself to live in peace in area, and go ahead through networking in area and is intended that we perform various assistance measures for the purpose of deepening local understanding.


The person concerned, family group

  • Federation of meeting protecting Yokohama-shi mind and body child with a disability person
  • Association of Yokohama-shi person with a physical disability group society
  • Liaison meeting which thinks about person with a disability measure of Yokohama-shi
  • Contact meeting to protect Yokohama child with a disability
  • Meeting of Yokohama-shi autistic children, person parent

Support group

  • Yokohama mental disabilities related facility meeting
  • Yokohama-shi person with a disability local action home Network
  • Yokohama-shi person with a disability area work place Network
  • Yokohama-shi group home Network
  • P&A society Kanagawa
  • Yokohama-shi mental patient area life support alliance meeting
  • Mentally-disabled person independence life assistant Network

Related organizations

  • Yokohama-shi Council of Social Welfare
  • Yokohama-shi

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