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Grant and repair of assistive device

Last update date July 22, 2019

Grant and repair (the body, support method) of assistive device

Thing about eligible people and application
[eligible people]Person having certificate of the physically disabled and incurable disease patient who is targeted for obstacle welfare service
[expense]Principle 10% burden (there is monthly basis upper limit burden)
[necessary thing]Certificate of the physically disabled, medical certificate which illness name understands in the case of incurable disease patient or specific illness medical care certificate, thing, quotation, medical (judgment) statement of position, municipal tax taxation certificate (only when we confirm support under 16 in moved from the suburbs to) which know of my number
※When the citizen amount of a tax exceeds a certain amount, we do not become a target.
※Application is necessary beforehand.
[window]Each ward Health and Welfare Center

Item of assistive device
Blind person security stickHarnessIntention transmission device for severeness person with a disability
Artificial eyeSeat rank keeperSeat rank maintenance chair ※Under 18 years old
GlassesWheelchair ※The Long-term Care Insurance priorityRising retainer ※Under 18 years old
Hearing aidElectric wheelchair ※The Long-term Care Insurance priorityThe head retainer ※Under 18 years old
Artificial limbArtificial armWalker ※The Long-term Care Insurance priorityBowel movement aid ※Under 18 years old
Artificial legWalk assistance stick ※The Long-term Care Insurance priority 

Yokohama-shi person with a disability (child) assistive device costs supply acting director summary (PDF: 354KB)

The point (PDF: 389KB) about registration of assistive device company concerned with the substitute receipt of Yokohama-shi assistive device costs

List of assistive device registration offices (as of July 1, 2019) (Excel: 105KB)

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