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Ethic general plan

Last update date August 28, 2018

Basic principles

We protect "human rights" of each 1 user and respect individuality.

We watch security and relief of 2 users and offer service with high quality of "user standard".

We support "local life shift" of 3 users.

The ethic network territory

Respect for Article 1 individual
We value personality of each user, and the staff respects independence of will, individuality and respects individual.

Protection of Article 2 human rights
We do not permit any discrimination and human rights violations to each user, and the staff supports human rights in deference to basic rights such as self-determination or privacy protection.

Respect for Article 3 self choice, self-determination
The staff supports in deference to self-choice, self-determination to be able to plan self-realization by self-choice, self-determination of each user.

Article 4 individual support
The staff does support that makes individual support plan by enough explanation to user and family and mutual understanding, and was correct to each one depending on each person's individuality and needs in support of user.

Maintenance of Article 5 living environment
The staff tries that user is comfortable and can spend satisfying days for facility and neighboring environmental maintenance.

Support of Article 6 society participation
While user interchanges with local inhabitants, the staff supports to be able to live as citizen wealthily in community.

Support of Article 7 at-home dweller
The staff tries for improvement of the welfare service to local at-home mentally-disabled person and the family through business of general consultation and short-term entrance.

Harmony with Article 8 area
The staff incorporates acceptance of volunteer and trainee and facility opening in facility administration and promotes collaboration with area.

Article 9 staff action standard
In concrete action, we assume Yokohama-shi staff action standard model.

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