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Yokohama-shi independence support medical care (mind going to hospital medical care)

Last update date January 13, 2021

Important news

・[to person reaching the expiration for validity of identification of recipient after March, 2021] New!!
According to the contact from Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare at the present, update procedure is necessary for person reaching the expiration of validity after March, 2021 before the expiration by all means for validity. As update procedure by mail is possible in Yokohama-shi, you confirm required documents than this, and please apply. (December 7, 2020)

・20,000 yen and provisional measure to do would have their self-pay upper limit frame stolen about where income division corresponded to "severeness and continuation" among people above a certain level until March 31, 2021, but there was notification with extension plan from Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare. Please wait a minute now until the details such as dates become clear. (January 13, 2021) New!!

・[about validity extension correspondence with the outbreak situation of new coronavirus infectious disease]
 In response to desk work contact delivered from Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare on April 30, 2020, we decide to cope as follows at present.

Correspondence policy (May 7, 2020 update)

・About identification of independence support medical care (mind going to hospital medical care) recipient that validity expires during from May, 2020 to February, 2021 you have, we omit update application procedure and extend the expiration day now for one year.

・Validity expires during from March, 2020 to April, and validity omits application procedure about person who does not accept update application and extends the expiration day for one year.
・Thing which has already accepted update application performs until shipment of identification of new recipient as usual now.
・About new application, the suburbs transference, change application, application is necessary as usual. As you accept application by mail, please use.

 To recipients
 News (PDF: 138KB) (May 8, 2020 date)
 News (product for people that income change application is planned mainly) (PDF: 164KB) (May 25, 2020 date)
 "The amount of self-pay upper limit management vote" is buried, and person needing new thing, please call mind going to hospital medical care, notebook paperwork center.
   (Reception hours: on weekdays for from 9:00 to 17:00 TEL: 045-671-3623)
  ※We publish news for designated medical institutions in page toward "medical institution, the drugstore".

・In the case of application using medical certificate for mental patient health welfare notebook, you asked for application at ward office window, but came to be able to use mail application until now. (October 1, 2019)
・As provisional measure about where income division corresponds to "severeness and continuation" among people above a certain level, the amount of self-pay upper limit is assumed 20,000 yen. These measures would be finished on March 31, 2018, but it was decided to extend until March 31, 2021. (March 30, 2018)


Please choose item which you want to look at among the following links.
* Target person* About expiration date and update
* Medical range and payment contents* About medical institution and drugstore
* Self-pay* About the upper limit management vote
* With the amount of monthly basis burden upper limit* Downloading of various styles
* With "severeness and continuation"* Toward medical institution, the drugstore
* About application method* About designation of designated medical institution

 Person who is treated with psychotherapy and medical therapy by continuous going to hospital by mental disease.
 ※About target disease, there is no change with old mental patient going to hospital medical expenses public expenditure system until March, 2006.

 For the condition of a patient (※ 1) that we produced due to mental disorder and mental disorder, it is for performed medical care without being hospitalized in hospital and clinics .
 (only for the condition of a patient of range performing going to hospital treatment by doctor in charge of mind going to hospital medical care about ※ 1 treatment and the condition of a patient that we produced in conjunction with symptom.)
 At window of medical institution, medical insurance bears 70% of medical expenses and pays our own 30% of remaining medical expenses , but principle, 10% of medical expenses are usually paid at window of designated medical institution when it is authorized as an object of independence support medical care.
 (expenses such as treatment, medication, medical certificate charges that medical insurance does not apply are inapplicable.)

 It is principle, 10% burden of medical expenses .
Independence support medical care upper limit monthly basis(image: 25KB)

○"Household" in independence support medical system authorizes by medical insurance unit.
(different from resident certificate. For example, family taking out different medical insurance becomes another "household".)
※In the case of under 18 years old, testee judges from income of protector.
※When we correspond to "severeness and continuation" in constant income or more as provisional measure until the end of March, 2021, it becomes object (amount of monthly basis burden upper limit 20,000 yen) of system.

 Burden net total does not have to have you do further burden in the month while paying the own 10% with the amount of monthly basis burden upper limit in a certain moon after having reached the amount of burden on monthly basis upper limit of the.

 For reduction of financial burden, the upper limit is established in monthly self burden when admitted with "that we need treatment continuously, and large amount of medical expenses burden produces".
 When range of "severeness and continuation" (expensive treatment continuator) corresponds to one of following 1-3.
 1.A lot applicable medical insurance (when supply of high medical costs is in the past less than 12 months more than four times)
 2.Where main mental disorder corresponds to the next classification in the ICD-10 (International Classification of Diseases)
  Organic mental disorder (brain dysfunction such as dementia) including F1 symptom characteristics
  F2 schizophrenia, schizophrenia type obstacle and paranoid obstacle
  F3 mood disorders (manic-depressive psychosis, depression)
  G40 epilepsy
 Which received authorization as mind medical care which it was diagnosed in by doctor having experience when we needed premeditated concentrated going to hospital medical care (including medical care for maintenance that is in a state, the aggravation prevention) for mental disorder indicating the following symptoms continuously 3.3 years or more
  ・Feeling movement and action failure
  ・Uneasy and threatening state

 As for the application method, there is method to perform method to perform at ward office window (Elderly and Disabled Support Division) to live and all the necessary things by mail. Please apply for thing necessary for application after checking from the following links.

●Person who applies at ward office window → Please see this.
●Person who applies by mail → Please see this.

 It takes around two months until it is authorized, and identification of recipient arrives after applying. As the days to take by from proof line vary according to application reasons, please understand.

 Validity of independence support medical care is one year. (please confirm validity of identification of recipient.)
 As time when update application can start is printed by identification of recipient, system that the use is hoped for, please apply for update by all means sequentially. As you cannot receive independence support medical care when it is past validity till you apply again, please be careful.
 In addition, please confirm validity of identification of recipient by yourself in what individual treatment may not tell about update application beforehand from Yokohama-shi.

 As for the medical institution holding independence support medical system, it is designated system by finding being medical care planned beforehand, high medical care of quality.
 Only with medical institution (we include daycare, drugstore, temporary nursing at home station.) which user chose from medical institution appointed as designated independence support medical institution beforehand, it is applied independence support medical care. (not applied at hospital, drugstore which is not listed in identification of recipient.)
 (it becomes premise that company oneself such as hospital or drugstore receives designation of designated medical institution (mind going to hospital medical care) from Yokohama-shi. Person of medical institution look at this.)

 In addition, independence support medical care is not applied to prescription at drugstore when medicine is prescribed by hospital and prescription from clinics which are not listed in identification of recipient even if it is drugstore listed in identification of recipient.

  In addition, application of change is necessary when we change medical institution to use.
From the acceptance day of change application (day after the acceptance day that or applicant appoints), we can use independence support medical care in the new medical institution. (there is not sailing up on date.)

 We issue "the amount of self-pay upper limit management vote" to monthly basis which the amount of burden upper limit is set.
 When you are consulted, you match with identification of recipient, and please show the amount of upper limit management vote to window of hospital and drugstore. (we have you fill in self-burden at medical institution and drugstore.)
 When self-burden reaches "the amount of upper limit", after that, self-pay does not occur by consultation of the month.
The upper limit management vote cover(image: 15KB)
The upper limit management vote(image: 23KB)

 Person kept under control already downloads necessary style than the following, and please use.
 But please confirm page about "application method" by all means as thing necessary for application varies according to application reasons.

 Application (PDF: 610KB)
 Medical certificate ((mind going to hospital medical) that is for independence support medical care application) (Excel: 188KB)
 Request book about offer of independence support medical care medical certificate (copying) and written consent (PDF: 64KB)

Adobe Acrobat Reader DC (old Adobe Reader) is necessary to open file of Portable Document Format.
Person who does not have can download free of charge from Adobe company.
Get Adobe Acrobat Reader DCTo downloading of Adobe Acrobat Reader DC

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