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Social participation training

Last update date April 1, 2020

Social participation training

Guidance of each business
Business nameEligible peopleContentsWindow
We live, and blind person society, family trainsThe visually impairedWe perform training necessary for family life, social life including cooking class and PC classroom, sports classroom.Yokohama-shi person with a disability society participation promotion center
Deaf-mute Sunday lessonHearing person with a disabilityWe hold lessons such as the acquisition or reporting of knowledge necessary for social life.
Sound function person with a disability utterance trainingSound, language function person with a disability who extracted the larynx by diseasesWe perform the esophagus utterance training, utterance training due to the artificial larynx so that conversation in daily life is enabled.
Person with halfway hearing loss communication classroomPerson with halfway hearing loss, person hard of hearingWe hold lesson to learn sign language.
Ostomate health clubPerson of stoma constructionThrough appropriate management instruction of stoma and healthy conference, we perform advice, class of everyday life.
Wheelchair life seminarPeople with spinal cord injuryWe hold lectures such as knowledge necessary for everyday life.
Person of renal failure cooking classPerson of renal failureWe learn whether you cook the materials deliciously from self-administration and squid of intakes such as moisture, salt in everyday life necessary for efficient dialysis treatment.
Assistive device wearing training businessThe limbs inconvenience personWe perform the acquisition and wearing training of knowledge for assistive device.
Respiratory function person with a disability life training classroomRespiratory function person with a disability and familyWe hold lectures for understanding to respiratory function person with a disability, the acquisition of actions to be taken in everyday life.
Person with a disability PC classPerson with a disability and the family and volunteerWe learn basic operation or documentation of PC and tablet terminal.
Person with a disability PC counselor's officeWe accept consultation (operation method or setting, connection method of peripheral device) about PC and tablet terminal.
As for the people with brain-related paralysis, it is contact seminarSystemic people with a disability such as people with brain-related paralysisWe hold workshop to plan interchange of person with a disability and physically unimpaired person that systemic person with a disability becomes independent and lives in area.
Person with halfway loss of eyesight emergency life trainingThe visually impairedOther than training such as walk or PC, we accept consultation of welfare system to reduce inconvenience of aspect of living that it causes to be hard to look like that we is blind.yokohamakummoin (the outside site)
Production, rental of subtitles videotapeHearing person with a disabilityWe produce videos for hearing people with a disability. In addition, we rent videos with subtitles free.Yokohama raporu
Kanagawa hearing Persons with Disabilities Welfare Center various coursesHearing child with a disability, person in KanagawaWe perform various courses such as hobby, culture.Kanagawa hearing Persons with Disabilities Welfare Center
Kanagawa hearing Persons with Disabilities Welfare Center *nogengo, lip reading, pronunciation, sign language instructionHearing child with a disability, person in KanagawaTargeting at infants, we perform hearing and words, advice instruction for communication. To hearing person with a disability, we perform *nokunneri, lip reading, pronunciation, sign language instruction parallel to inspection.

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