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Private house relief entering business

Last update date August 7, 2018

a.Private house relief entering business body intellect spirit

Necessary expenses such as rent can pay, but joint surety supports move-in to private rental housing 4 from this 1 declined by entering by the reason of not being for madeno. About the entering guarantee charges furtherance to private house relief entering business user, it is the following.
[eligible people]

  1. Person who has certificate of the physically disabled
  2. Love which has notebook
  3. Person who has mental patient health welfare notebook
  4. Person who has identification of Kanagawa specific disease medical care certificate or Kanagawa specific disease registrant

※About residence, it is necessary to correspond to one of the next important matters.
(1)(2)It is person of this: Living in the city more than six months, and entering the suburbs facility by entrance or decision of Yokohama-shi in facility in the city more than six months more than six months.
(3)It is person of this: Is resident in the city more than six months, more than mental patient facility in the city or six months in mental hospital entrance being hospitalized in entrance, hospitalization or mental patient facility of the suburbs or mental hospital more than six months, and living in the city until just before that.
(4)It is person of this: Living in the city more than six months.

[business outline]

With solvency such as rent, however, face each other toward the people with a disability who do not have joint surety, and cooperation real estate shop recommends housing, and agreement guarantee company performs debt guarantees such as rent.
Please see homepage (the outside site) of Yokohama City Housing Supply Corporation whether list of cooperation real estate shop has you read in each ward Health and Welfare Center.
In the use, there are documents having you prepare beforehand. Please refer to window for the details.
When examination of agreement guarantee company does not carry, we cannot use this system.
In addition, payment of guarantee charges of 30% of monthly basis rent (at the time of update 20%) is necessary when we conclude debt guarantee contracts such as rent.


[eligible people]

Which corresponds to whichever next in with obstacle using private house relief entering business

  1. Contractors being municipal tax tax exemption or facility exit person or person of mental hospital discharge
  2. Do not receive social security
  3. Do not receive this furtherance in the past

[the furtherance contents]

In entering guarantee charges at the time of the first contract to upper limit 30,000 yen (only first once is targeted for the furtherance)
Please refer to window for application procedure, required documents.

  • Yokohama City Housing Supply Corporation house, town development consultation center "inn where house goes" to
    [telephone] 451-7763 [FAX] 451-7707
  • Each ward Health and Welfare Center
  • City of Yokohama, Health and Social Welfare Bureau Disability Welfare Division life support person in charge
    [telephone] 671-2401 <[FAX] 671-3566

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