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Application to apartment house built by the Japan Housing Corporation

Last update date January 8, 2019

Application to UR lease house (lease house of former city public corporation)

When we have lease house (UR lease house) of UR city mechanism propose, we are as follows.

Eligible people

About characteristic of UR lease house

The amount of average monthly salary the amount of entering standard monthly income (4 times of monthly basis rent. There being can apply for which there is the upper limit, and there is more than) or amount of savings entering standard amount of savings (100 times of monthly basis rent) or more.
Key money, fee, renewal, guarantor except security deposit (for two months of monthly basis rent) is unnecessary and can enter many houses on no lottery, first-come-first-served basis.

About close residence percent

We can receive rent discount when we grind close residence between families such as parent and child or siblings using "close residence percent" system.
When household supporting preferential target households (child care household and elderly person household correspond elsewhere) such as households including person with a disability and this household does "close residence" in area appointed as equivalence housing complex to appoint of UR city mechanism, neighborhood housing complex (almost a radius of 2 kilos range) or "close residence percent wide", it is system to discount rent of household entering UR lease house after the entering by 5% for five years newly.

When we have you apply to new UR lease house (lottery)

Election rate compares household where person with a disability corresponding to any of the following is included in toward the public, and it is almost treated 20 times well by the application person or relative living together.

  1. Certificate of the physically disabled with obstacle of 1-4 grade receiving grant
  2. Love which always needs care in notebooks (nursing notebook) with severe disorder receiving grant. Or, from children's guidance office, mentally-disabled person rebirth counselor's office or psychiatrist, it is severeness which always needs care in mind judged to have a defect at the same level as mental disabilities or this. But living together of relative is necessary as caregiver.


Incorporated administrative agency Urban Renaissance Agency UR Yokohama business center

The location

〒221-0056 1-4, Kinkoucho, Kanagawa-ku, Yokohama-shi Yokohama yeast square the second floor



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