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The furtherance of living environment maintenance costs

Last update date March 8, 2019

a.The furtherance body intellect of living environment maintenance costs

[eligible people]
(1)Person who has the first grade, the second grade certificate of the physically disabled
(2)Person with intelligence quotient 35 or less
(3)Person with intelligence quotient 50 or less in people having the third grade certificate of the physically disabled

[the furtherance contents] We support 1.2 million yen in limit for expense to remodel bathroom, rest room. In addition, it is not for construction accompanied with new construction and the enlargement, deterioration and trouble. Please talk about the right or wrong for the furtherance beforehand.
In addition, we perform the furtherance of purchase costs of the next apparatus, installation costs.
(there is the furtherance limit by individual about apparatus. In addition, person that certificate of the physically disabled was acquired at 65 years or older is excluded in principle.)

Independence support apparatus
Eligible peopleTarget apparatus
1.2 grade which has difficulty in indoor movement by lower limbs, human trunk dysfunctionMoving lifter, stairs elevator, step cancellation machine
※Stairs elevator includes internal dysfunction of 1.2 grade
Limbs dysfunction of 1.2 gradeEnvironmental control unit, communication apparatus

[others] When it is necessary, we dispatch professional staff such as authorized architects and perform consultation, advice. In addition, nursing-care insurance system becomes given priority when we can receive payment from The Long-term Care Insurance.

[expense] There is self-pay depending on the citizen amount of a tax of person from living center, income tax ratable value.

[window] To each ward Health and Welfare Center

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