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Hama gesture for town development of the welfare

Last update date February 27, 2019

Hama gesture for town development of the welfare

Why "can stop this parking bay wide ... anytime?"

When wheelchair users get in and out to car, it is necessary to open door widely. Therefore, large space is established.

Illustration of wheelchair user using wide parking bay

●Unnecessary person will prevent you from parking.●

Though we have elevator, "we make mutual concessions" ...

We give priority to people using elderly person and wheelchair, stroller, and let's use with feeling of mutual concessions.

Illustration which person who elevator is full, and pushes stroller has trouble with

It is important guidepost. If "we imagine a little ..."

Raised block is important guidepost when the visually impaired walks.
It will prevent you from putting signboard or bicycle in the circumference of block.

Illustration that person with white stick almost contacted bicycle in blocking

◆If basics of "Hama gesture for town development of the welfare" see person who is in trouble; "calling"◆

Let's make wonderful Yokohama with accumulation of kindly hearts of everybody.

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