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Safe use of escalators

An accident has occurred on the escalator, such as falling or falling. There are accidents that can be prevented by ensuring safe use by each person, so when using the escalator, please cooperate to stop and ride in two rows. We will work together in nine prefectures.

Final update date February 15, 2021

Let's stop and use it.

  • Walking or running can cause your body to lose balance and fall or fall. In addition, contact with other users may lead to unexpected accidents or may cause unexpected rebound due to emergency suspension.
  • The habit of emptying the right side is a factor that makes it impossible to use the escalator with confidence for people who cannot leave the right side due to injury or disability, with children, or with attendants or assistance dogs.

In Motoichi, we work on accident prevention so that all people involved in Yokohama can use escalator safely and safely.
[Press Release]
"Stop and ride escalator" Nine prefectures will work together (July 30, 2020)


An illustration of a man running down the escalator

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escalator "Let's stop without walking" campaign

From Monday, October 26, 2020, 50 railway companies nationwide and the Summit Meeting of Nine Prefectures (Saitama, Chiba, Tokyo, Kanagawa, Yokohama, Kawasaki, Chiba, Saitama, Sagamihara City) and Fukuoka Prefecture will conduct a campaign calling for safe use of escalators.
[Press Release]
Three stations will participate in the escalator "Let's stop without walking" campaign! (October 20, 2020)

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