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Last update date March 6, 2019

As I have a defect, we want to put mark of wheelchair on car, where can I have?

Mark of wheelchair is called "international emblem" and is "mark common throughout the world indicating being building and public transit which are available to impaired people" (use of international emblem guideline (outside site)). It is different from original purpose of international emblem to display to personal car. It is displayed degree to tell people that impaired person takes. There is not legal effect such as avoiding no parking, and it is that is not proved such as parking lot for exclusive use of person with a disability being available with precedence and understands again, and please use even if you display mark.

Association of Japan person with a disability rehabilitation (JSRPD)
〒162-0052 1-22-1, Toyama, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Telephone: 03-5273-0601 FAX: 03-5273-1523
To meeting telephone 045-475-2061 of wheelchair

In addition, there is the following mark on marks to display to car established in Road Traffic Act in the country.
・The "person with a physical disability mark" (four leaves mark) National Police Agency
・Police department of "no parking exclusion-designated car" district to live (it applies to the certificate of the physically disabled owners)
・"Elderly person mark" (maple mark) (targeted for person of 75 years or older) before 70 years or older (June, 2002) nearest association of road safety and car outfitter

When private enterprise establishes multipurpose restroom and makes facility barrier-free, is there any assisted system?

In Yokohama-shi, supporting system for becoming is not making barrier-free of private enterprise now.
In addition, we may receive payment when we repair house when elderly person, person with a disability come to family in personal house. Please refer to this in detail.
Impaired person: Guidance of the obstacle welfare
Elderly person: Information for welfare for the elderly

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