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Town development regulations collection of links of the welfare

Last update date March 6, 2019

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Barrier-free information

Yokohama-shi connection
Yokohama-shi homepage (the outside site)
City of Yokohama, Health and Social Welfare Bureau (the outside site)
・City of Yokohama, Urban Development Bureau
City of Yokohama, Road and Highway Bureau (the outside site)
Yokohama sightseeing convention bureau (the outside site)
Social welfare corporation Yokohama-shi Council of Social Welfare (the outside site)
Association (the outside site) of Midori, Yokohama-shi (park, facility, parking lot information)

Kanagawa connection, others
Kanagawa prefectural government office homepage (the outside site)
(Kanagawa) about barrier-free town development (the outside site)
Town development (the outside site) of the Kawasaki-shi barrier-free information homepage Kawasaki welfare

It is traffic-related
The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (the outside site)
Traffic ecology mobility foundation (the outside site)

East Japan Railway Company. (JR East) (the outside site)
Central Japan Railway Company. (JR Central) (the outside site)
TOKYU Corporation (Tokyu) (the outside site)
Keikyu Corporation (Keikyu Railway Corporation) (the outside site)
Sagami Railway Co., Ltd. (Sotetsu) (the outside site)
City of Yokohama, Transportation Bureau (municipal subway)
Yokohama Minatomirai Railway (Minato Mirai Line) (the outside site)
Yokohama Seaside Line (seaside line) (the outside site)

Municipal bus
Enoshima Electric Railway bus Yokohama (the outside site)
Kanagawa Chuo Kotsu (the outside site)
Kawasaki Tsurumi Rinko Bus (the outside site)
Keikyu bus (the outside site)
Soutetsu Line (the outside site)
Tokyu bus (the outside site)
Daishinto (the outside site)
Wisteria express (FUJI Co., Ltd. express Yokohama Office) (the outside site)
Yokohama transportation development (the outside site)
Kanagawa bus guidance WEB (association of Kanagawa bus) (the outside site)

It is seeing and hearing disorder-related
Kanagawa right-center homepage (the outside site) (the visually impaired correspondence)

Association of Yokohama-shi ostomy (the outside site)
Yokohama Gen torr town club (the outside site)

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