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Prevention of cancellation, outbreak of poor living environment

Last update date June 10, 2019

We push forward prevention of cancellation, outbreak of "poor living environment" with garbage!

It enforces "the regulations (the so-called "garbage mansion" measures regulations) about support to plan prevention of cancellation of bad living environment in Yokohama-shi buildings and outbreak and measures" from December 1, 2016 to plan prevention of cancellation, outbreak of "poor living environment" with garbage in Yokohama-shi and pushes forward approach.

What is poor living environment?

The risk of outbreak, collapse and fire of bad smell and pest occurs by things such as garbage being piled up on indoor and the outdoors and it is in a state that the person or living environment of neighborhood is spoiled (so-called "garbage mansion" state) and is.

Support that snuggled up to the person

There is responsibility to dissolve so-called "garbage mansion" state to the person who stored up thing basically.
However, there are various tasks such as dementia, drop of body function by aging or isolation from area in the background. We supported from the side of the welfare, but related organizations and local resident cooperate with city, ward office sequentially and perform support that snuggled up to the person until now.
Not only, by this approach, we put garbage in order, but also aim at solution to problems in life.
Figure of image of support

Can do it in these regulations

We put the following matters together and, in addition to what supported at part of the welfare service, work on solution until now.

Can do it in the regulations
InvestigationInvestigation into use situation of kinsmanship and the welfare service of the person who stored up thing
Discharge support of garbageWhen living environment of neighborhood is spoiled and is not killed oneself of thing that the person agrees, city does discharge support of garbage.
(execution by proxy)
About case not to accept pressure of re-three though we might have a serious influence on life, body of neighboring inhabitants either, it is instruction, advice, order, execution by proxy ※We can perform this.

※Execution by proxy is enabled only when we meet requirements of the Subrogation of Administrative Acts Act.


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