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Structure of personnel training

Last update date March 11, 2020

Personnel training

Many chances when we work in peace and can grow up

There is the system to support mainly on trainer (the senior staff in charge of new face upbringing) after the adoption in the workplace and we are in charge of duties while talking about process and question, trouble of work and can carry out.
After having experienced the wide field, be full of way and specialty to make policy as responsibility job (the managerial class), and to carry the management, and there are plural promotion systems including way to advance to as specialist job (specialist), and chance to show power spreads.

The training system for improvement in ability

As member of administrative occupation

We perform various training for the acquisition and skill up of basic knowledge to be able to fulfil role depending on official post and rank with awareness as public employee.

As specialist

We perform the training according to various hierarchies according to the years of experience while assuming OJT (On the Job Training) in the spot basics. We combine the training with OJT and learn approach method from problem of normal business routine in the training, and, in accumulation that we come back to the workplace and practice, knowledge, technique as specialist job is polished.

Structure for ability development

We set index "carrier ladder" of ability to want you to wear as health nurse in Yokohama-shi.
We know the acquisition situation of own specialized ability by utilizing carrier ladder and are useful for goal setting to the next step.
In addition, we prepare for menu and system for ability development including the dispatch training to the training organizations of country, city's original meeting for presenting research papers or graduate school entering further education.

The training system image

The training system image

※ The training according to hierarchy
In the training according to hierarchy according to the years of experience,
We learn knowledge, technique to become the basics as specialist progressively and,
We learn viewpoint that we cannot miss as administrative specialist.
The first year: Individual support, family support
The second year: Development from individual support to group support
The third year: Local assessment
Fifth year -: Community care systems construction
The tenth year: Evaluation of the welfare health measure
After the 15th year: Trend of the welfare health measure, the local management

Yokohama-shi health nurse introduction "trust." We pass and come back

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