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Characteristic of Yokohama-shi health nurse

Last update date March 11, 2020

Health practice only in ordinance-designated city

There is function of "the municipalities health center" taking the mother and the child or elderly person health in one basic local government and "public health center" carrying infectious disease correspondence and person with a disability support, incurable disease patient support and can have various experiences.
We work on problem only in big city including healthy difference, isolation and abuse in relationship of mutual trust carefully in cooperation with other types of job and related organizations.

Health practice depending on local characteristic

We use duties allotment system and district allotment system together and are doing health practice depending on local characteristic. We utilize Yokohama-shi original budget of "the making of a certain unit-related ward promotion costs", and plan and approach by collaboration with inhabitants are possible, too. In addition, we hold "post of nursing meeting" as place of the field crossing-like cooperation of health nurse and utilize as place that shares problem across section, and examines remedy.

500 health nurses are friends

The staff, exclusive duty job, chief, section manager with carrier, about 500 health nurses including manager play an active part in various departments. A lot of friend of the same period and male health nurses can share experience, too.
It is friend and cooperation, working environment while using various systems by life events such as child care or care.

Yokohama-shi health nurse introduction "trust." We pass and come back

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