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Activity introduction of health nurse

Last update date March 11, 2020

WORK01 "making of spirit exchange meeting"

State of the making of spirit exchange meeting

We make opportunity when we learn happily and can compare notes to be able to work on health promotion with friend in imminent area.

WORK02 "childcare course"

State of childcare course

We plan childcare course to be easy to do information exchange and the making of friend about child care who talks, and tosses and run.

WORK03 "infectious disease measures"

We perform attachment and detachment of personal protector training from time of peace to prevent spread of infectious disease and perform healthy crisis management measures.

WORK04 "disaster health practice"

At the time of large-scale disaster occurrence, we perform health practice support in affected areas as role of administrative health nurse. We cope in cooperation with other local government health nurses.

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