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Main assignment and work

A population of; is the more than 3.7 million Japan's greatest basic local government, and there are "public health center" and the "municipalities health center" function only in ordinance-designated city. In the assignment, there are "ward office" performing approach utilized local characteristic and "station" drawing up measure of the whole city, and job to be concerned with measure from individual support that adhered can have a wide experience to live.

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Ward office (Health and Welfare Center) and station

Ward office (Health and Welfare Center) and station


Figure of assignment

For living coherence "Health and Welfare Center"

Health and Welfare Division
Business planning staff: We take community-based welfare health pipelaying by collaboration with regional society and inhabitants or the statistics collection about the welfare health.
Health Promotion Section: In addition to promotion of health promotion activity in imminent area, we carry healthy crisis management such as infectious disease correspondence.

Elderly and Disabled Support Division
We work on the prevention of support, care and dementia to elderly person, person with a disability, incurable disease patient, prevention of abuse.
Children and Families Support Division
We work on maternal and child health business such as infants medical examination or home visit for local child care families, child care support project, prevention of abuse.

Planning and coordination and measure planning "station" of the whole city

General Affairs Bureau
From the viewpoint of industrial health, we work on health promotion, disease prevention of the staff.
Child and Youth Bureau
We have child in peace and, toward community where child is brought up immediately, work on planning of measure and creation of area resources.
Health and Social Welfare Bureau
We work on health promotion, the welfare health of healthy crisis management, elderly person and person with a disability, development of community-based welfare health planning.

Medical Care Bureau
We promote medical policy integrally and take medical institution and care, adjustment function with the welfare service.

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