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Personnel training

In Yokohama-shi, we devise "social welfare job personnel training vision" as personnel training basic policy of social welfare job and raise "we work on improvement of the citizen's welfare through consultation support activity on the basis of maintenance and independence support of personal dignity" in idea. In departments various by personnel transfers can bring oneself up while can experience, and acquire specialty as social welfare job. In addition, it is one that it features that support from everyday experienced seniors, OJT including connection with the same period when there is many are satisfying because there are laying emphasis on the duties training and the training according to hierarchy and post of much social welfare to raise specialized ability.

Last update date March 11, 2020

Assignment of social welfare job

Ward and figure of station

There is assignment ahead of post of social welfare in both of "ward office" performing "station" performing measure development of the whole city in Yokohama-shi and approach utilized local characteristic and works on improvement of the citizen's welfare by interaction.

Main department "station" which takes a measure of the whole city

We perform planning, administration of system and measure of the welfare, budget management or administration support of welfare office.

Health and Social Welfare Bureau
The assigned field including elderly person, person with a disability, social security, community-based welfare diverges into many branches.
Child and Youth Bureau
Plan, adjustment propels measures such as child with a disability support and child abuse, DV measures.

Department which was specialized in specialized field

In station, there is working department specialized in specialized field including children's guidance office and obstacle rebirth counselor's office. Other than support utilized each specialty, we perform backup such as spread enlightenment and development organizations about system.
[person with a disability rebirth counselor's office, health consultation center of heart, Youth Guidance Center (stop-at-home area support center), four children's guidance office (city)]

Department which snuggled up to life scene

There are public welfare facilities and supports life scene of person of duties as counselor and facility entrance. In addition, we perform support for independence of eligible people.
[sound of boiling water in a teakettle school (person with a disability support facility), Koyou school (elementary school student independence support facility), spring school (elementary school student nursing home), green Haym (mother and the child life support facility)]

Various department "ward offices" which we support toward the citizen

We perform visit depending on consultation and need about overall welfare, contact adjustment with related organizations. In addition, we perform decision duties such as support about the welfare based on law.

Health and Welfare Division
For improvement of community-based welfare health, we perform town development of the welfare in connection with development, promotion or related organizations of "community-based welfare health planning".
Elderly and Disabled Support Division
We perform individual consultation support about the welfare health service of elderly person and person with a disability, local support including approach or right protection of prevention of abuse.
Children and Families Support Division
We perform nurture of child and consultation duties about child with a disability, approach of child abuse prevention in cooperation with children's guidance office, school, nursery school, local related organizations.
Life support section
It faces each other toward the citizen having including annoyance of life and performs life poor independence consultation support and independence support through duties such as social security.

The training system

In Yokohama-shi, the training to raise basic ability as city officials is satisfying, and the training to raise ability for specialty as social welfare job is prepared for abundantly.

The training system image

With the training according to hierarchy
The training to put together in the entering the agency year including the training, the entering the agency second year training in the entering the agency first year, and to recognize in conduct, connection with the same period each other, and to raise as specialist job.

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