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Local welfare officer, children's committee, chief children's committee

Last update date October 30, 2019

We are recommended in district recommendation preparations society to consist of representatives such as Neighborhood Association Neighborhood Associations, and local welfare officer receives commission of the Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare and, in area in charge of each, performs wide activity for community-based welfare increase. For example, grasp of inhabitants that protection is necessary for disasters through calling, greetings that cooperation, support to volunteer activity and community chest campaign, consultation of livelihood welfare funds loan watch visit to elderly person households, and are daily. In this way, we have, as a general rule, you recommend from local resident because it is necessary for local welfare officer activity to grasp the local fact.

With local welfare officer, children's committee

As local welfare officer combines with children's committee, we call one local welfare officer "local welfare officer, children's committee". Charge area of durability, local resident see; defense is necessary; by supporting, carry promotion of community-based welfare. In addition, cooperation for duties of administration becomes one of the duties, too.

With chief children's committee

It is local welfare officer, children's committee who is appointed from children's committee, and is in charge of matter about child welfare technically. In addition, we say "local welfare officer, children's committee" who included "chief children's committee" when we merely express as "local welfare officer". It cooperates and cooperates with local welfare officer, children's committee in charge of district and works about the issue of various elementary school student.


Term of local welfare officer is three years, but it shines to reappoint and supports, and there are none.
In addition, successor becomes zanninkikan of predecessor when we retire from on the way for term.

Social position

It is local government employee of part-time service special positions in the civil service receiving commission from the Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare. It is nonpaying, but, for transportation expenses, communication costs necessary for local welfare officer activity, the training entrance fee, pays activity costs (fixed amount).


We are assigned to confidentiality by the local welfare officer method, and personal secret that we were able to know through individual consultation is followed. In addition, it is necessary to follow personal secret sequentially about what we were able to know through activity after having resigned as local welfare officer.

Local welfare officer activity

The life actual situation of local resident and grasp of the welfare needs carry out most basic and important activity. Through opportunities such as local action or visit activity, we grasp the actual situation in charge area and give inhabitants needing support advice and perform the use support and reporting of the welfare service. However, there is limit so that local welfare officer with various roles is active in individuals, and Neighborhood Association Neighborhood Associations and Council of Social Welfare, cooperation with community-based welfare group including community care plaza are essential. In addition, we talk about case needing specialized knowledge within the confidentiality at place of district local welfare officer children's committee meeting and connect with Specialized Agencies.
Through these activities, we know area and are studied the welfare and society, and friend comes in great numbers, too.


District recommendation preparations society, alliance district recommendation preparations society-affiliated style

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