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Administration summary

Last update date June 14, 2019

Yokohama-shi welfare adjustment Committee administration summary

Establishment: April 1, 2012 nichikensodai 276 (the chief of the bureau approval)
These days revision: May 1, 2019 nichikensodai 75 (the chief of the bureau approval)


We shall set this Article 1 summary about organization of Yokohama-shi welfare adjustment Committee (we say "committee" as follows.), administration or other necessary matters based on regulations of engine setting regulations (December, 2011 Yokohama-shi regulations No. 49) Article 4 attached to Yokohama-shi.

(class teacher desk work)

About narrowed eyes of desk work to be in charge of of committee to prescribe in engine setting regulations Article 2 Paragraph 2 attached to Article 2 Yokohama-shi, we shall advocate next.

(1)Thing about complaint consultation from citizen about the welfare health service of Yokohama-shi.

(2)Thing about proposal to perform for the mayor about the welfare health service system of Yokohama-shi.

In this Article 3 summary, significance of term to advocate to each next issue depends on place to set of each issue concerned each.

(1)The welfare health service

We say service contents about the welfare health that Yokohama-shi has jurisdiction over and procedure.


It relates to the welfare health service and says thing that disadvantage and rights abuse including wrong explanation are accepted by service user or the use applicant.

(duties of committee member and committee)
Committee member (Yokohama-shi welfare adjustment committee member.of Article 4 Committee We say "committee member" as follows, and) receives complaint consultation from citizen about the welfare health service of Yokohama-shi according to experience and knowledge of self to promote improvement of quality of the welfare health service, and neutrality adjusts investigation that is necessary for position of fair third party and shall cope with activity to contribute to improvement in quality of complaint and service.

When it is necessary in accomplishing duties, 2 committee members can ask for opinion and cooperation of other committee members.
3 Committee reports the administration situation to the mayor once a year and announces to citizen.

(committee member)
The mayor appoints Article 5 committee member from person raising next.

(1)People of learning and experience

(2)Mind medical doctor concerned


(4)It is person with understanding for the welfare health in the city residents

For term of 2 committee members, we do with two years. But, for term of committee member of filling a vacancy when committee member was missing, we assume zanninkikan of predecessor.

3 committee members can be reappointed. But, about committee member prescribed in Paragraph 1 No. 4, we can be reappointed only for one quarter.

Substitution of 4 committee members shall not recognize.

(selection method of committee member)
Committee member prescribed in Article 6 preceding article Paragraph 1 No. 4 selects for each one principle man and woman by method to set particularly and does with candidate.

(representative committee member, vice-representative committee member)

We set one, vice-representative committee member of committee one with representative committee member by mutual election of Article 7 committee member.

2 representative committee members have palm law of nature of kaimu on behalf of committee. Vice-representative committee member assists representative committee member.

When 3 representative committee members have accident or when representative committee member was missing, vice-representative committee member represents the duties. When vice-representative committee member has accident or when vice-representative committee member was missing, committee member that representative committee member, vice-representative committee member discuss beforehand and nominate represents the duties.


Representative committee member calls meeting of Article 8 Committee.

2 representative committee members assume the chairperson of meeting of committee.

3 Committee cannot hold meeting without attendance majority of committee member or more.

We determine the proceedings of 4 Committee with the majority of committee member who attended and, in the case of the right or wrong same number, stop at place that representative committee member determines.

(regular assembly)

We hold regular assembly in the committee to grasp the situation of Article 9 complaint consultation, and to consider.

Representative committee member calls 2 regular assemblies.

(exhibition of meeting)

By regulations of regulations (the first in February, 2000 Yokohama-shi regulations) Article 31 about exhibition of information that Article 10 Yokohama-shi holds, we shall open to the public about meeting of committee. But, if there are any consent of committee member, we can grind a part of the meeting or all with secrecy.

(hearing of opinion)

When we admit that it is necessary in administration of meeting of committee, Article 11 representative committee member demands attendance of the person concerned and listens to the opinion or explanation and can demand submission or other necessary cooperation of information.

(duty to keep secret)

Article 12 committee member must not leak secret that we were able to know in duties. After having retired from the duties, it is said that it is similar.

2 committee members and committee must note protection of personal information in the duties.

(dismissal of committee member)

When committee member corresponds to any of the following, the Article 13 mayor can dismiss committee member.

(1)When it is admitted that we do not endure accomplishment of duties for mental and physical trouble

(2)When it is admitted that there is delinquency that is not good for breach of duty or other committee members in duties

(range of complaint)

Matter which we can file of complaint shall relate to the welfare health service by this Article 14 summary. But we remove thing to raise to each next issue.

(1)In fact, matter disputing in the court and matter which already had judgment in the court

(2)Matter that processing is finished by this summary

(3)Matter that it is admitted that it is the same as matter prescribed in matter handling and last issue substantially by this summary

(4)Matter that contents of complaint passed more than one year from day when fact caused statement occurred

(5)Matter performing petition and petition in City Counsil or matter which went

(6)Matter about duties of the welfare adjustment committee member

(7)Matter about medical act and food, environmental hygiene

(8)Matter that it is admitted that statement contents of complaint are false, and there are not other sufficient reasons

(9)Matter that specialized judgment including administrative action is accomplished

(10)Matter that it is admitted that it is not suitable to perform matter about personnel affairs disposal, matter requesting compensation for damages responsibility, other complaint responses of the staff

(range of petitioner)

Person (we say "petitioner" as follows.) who can speak statement of complaint by this Article 15 summary does with person corresponding to either of each next issue.

(1)User of the welfare health service or the use applicant (we say "the person" as follows.)

(2)Spouse of the person or relative (it is only on the condition that committee member admitted that the person cannot plead complaint for unavoidable reason directly.) within the third degree

(3)Person whom other mayors recognized in particular

(statement of complaint)

Article 16 petitioner states fact causing complaint clearly by petition for complaint for committee member and shall state complaint. But we can state by word of mouth when we cannot do written thing. Oral case hears required items, and statement of complaint shall make petition for complaint.

When committee member admits that it is necessary for statement of 2 complaints, we can demand submission of relations information about documents proving claim of self from petitioner.

When it becomes clear that there is the statement concerned beyond complaint prescribed in summary Article 14 after there was statement of 3 complaints, committee member can cancel correspondence for the statement concerned.

(statement interview days of committee member)

Statement interview days of Article 17 committee member should be; and with telephones it is said that need reservations, and shall accept in Health and Social Welfare Bureau consultation adjustment section.

(place of committee member statement interview)

Article 18 is usually committee interview room and shall perform.

When statement interview conduct in committee interview room is difficult, by rational reasons such as 2 body situation, we shall perform visit to homes of petitioner by committee member by hope of petitioner.

(investigation and notice)

When there was statement of complaint by regulations of Article 16, Article 19 committee member shall perform necessary investigation for (we say "jurisdiction section and company" as follows.) such as jurisdiction section and company providing the welfare health service.

Jurisdiction section where investigation by regulations into 2 foregoing paragraphs was demanded from and company shall cooperate with investigation by committee.

When we performed investigation by regulations of Paragraph 1, 3 committee members refer opinion of self to the result and shall notify petitioner. In addition, we shall send reproduction of the notice to the jurisdiction section concerned and company.

As a general rule, committee member performs 4 investigation. But, based on instructions of committee member, we do not disturb that staff of secretariat acts.

We shall perform 5 investigation by hearing after notice beforehand for jurisdiction section and company.

(offers such as improvement)

When there is reason for statement of complaint as a result of investigation by regulations of preceding article Paragraph 1, and improvement judged with need about the welfare health service to modify statement, Article 20 committee member can perform offer to take measures such as improvement for the jurisdiction section concerned and company.

We shall act as jurisdiction section in response to offer by regulations of 2 foregoing paragraphs and company to cope in deference to the offer concerned.

(investigations not to depend on statement)

When we admit that it is necessary in particular when there is not statement of complaint, Article 21 Committee appoints charge committee member and, for jurisdiction section and company, we get the cooperation and can perform necessary investigations. In addition, we shall notify the jurisdiction section concerned and company of the result.

When regulations of 2 preceding articles perform investigations not to depend on statement into foregoing paragraph, they apply this mutatis mutandis.

(confirmation of the correspondence situation)

Article 22 Committee can demand reports for jurisdiction section and company to confirm the correspondence situation such as improvement measures about offer of committee member by regulations of Article 19 and preceding article.

Jurisdiction section where reports by regulations of 2 foregoing paragraphs were demanded from and company shall cooperate with confirmation of the correspondence situation by committee.


We do style of documents such as notices prescribed in Article 23 summary with just what to advocate at separate table.

(proposal to the mayor)

When we judge in particular that measures such as improvement are necessary about the welfare health service system, we can propose Article 24 Committee for the mayor by agreement of all the committee members about complaint.

When 2 mayors receive proposal by regulations of foregoing paragraph, they shall respect the proposal.

(the secretariat)

Be filled having Health and Social Welfare Bureau General Affairs Department consultation adjustment section, the staff of the Child and Youth Bureau General Affairs Department Private School Planning Division, and the secretariat of Article 25 Committee handles general affairs desk work.


Representative committee member consults with committee about necessary matter about administration of committee and, other than thing to fix for this Article 26 summary, sets.

Supplementary provisions

(the date of enforcement)

This 1 summary takes effect on April 1, 2012.

(provisional measure)

We do regardless of regulations of article Paragraph 2 after the enforcement of these 2 summaries first from day of the enforcement of this summary to March 31, 2013 for term of committee member to appoint by regulations of Article 5 Paragraph 1.

The mayor calls meeting of the first committee regardless of regulations of Article 8 Paragraph 1 after the enforcement of these 3 summaries.

Supplementary provisions

This summary takes effect on April 1, 2016.

Supplementary provisions

This summary takes effect on May 16, 2018.

Supplementary provisions

(the date of enforcement)

This 1 summary takes effect on May 1, 2019.

(provisional measure)

In fact, in the case of the enforcement of these 2 summaries, it still depends on conventional example about handling of case to be in the process of the approval processing.

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