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With welfare adjustment Committee

We receive complaint from citizen for the welfare health service of Yokohama-shi, and Yokohama-shi welfare adjustment Committee adjusts investigation for service provider (city, ward or company) as neutral fair third-party organization and we aim at solution of complaint and find transparency in the welfare health administration and perform activity to promote improvement of quality of service.

Last update date May 7, 2020

At what kind of time, can you talk? (consultation for free)

When we are dissatisfied with the welfare service

  • When we are dissatisfied with home helping such as helper dispatch
  • When we are dissatisfied with facility services such as special elderly nursing homes
  • When we are dissatisfied with correspondence in welfare facilities such as person with a disability, elementary school student
  • When, on application, the use, decision of service, we do not understand explanation

Complaints not to be able to accept consultation

  • We are doing thing or appeal against administrative disposition appealing to court for
  • And, as a general rule, thing which we already filed in this committee meeting, outbreak of complaint is thing more than one year ago
  • Thing about medical care and food, environmental hygiene
  • In addition, (things that specialized judgment including protection decision is done at one time of thing demanding thing and compensation for damages responsibility about personnel affairs of the staff, obstacle class authorization and children's guidance office)

What kind of person can file complaint?

  • User of the welfare health service that city and company perform or the use applicant
  • Spouse and relative (when the person cannot talk for unavoidable reason directly)

When we make a statement, what should complaint do?

At first, please consult about 1 by telephone, FAX, E-mail as we listen to story at the secretariat. In addition, when we have you visit an office directly,
  Please cooperate with advance reservations because you do not keep waiting.
  In addition, we confirm about summaries such as complaints from the secretariat when we have you contact by FAX, E-mail.
  (about contact information of the secretariat, please see page about "consultation".)

Picture of calling man

When it seems that interview with the welfare adjustment committee member is necessary from contents of complaint, for (complaint statement), please reserve interview consultation day. In addition, depending on contents such as complaints, we show around other related organizations at the secretariat and may do explanation, advice.

You fill in complaint contents on petition for 2 complaints (you will mail), and please submit to the secretariat beforehand.

3 committee members and interview
Picture which has an interview

  • We perform interview at the city hall.
  • When there are circumstances, we perform visit consultation to home.
  • We hear as needed for service provider that became targeted for complaint (city, ward or company) and investigate.

    Picture which we investigate

In addition, we can investigate by anonymity, but investigation may be difficult.
About one month later, we will tell person who stated complaint about findings in document.

Picture that news arrived

  • We perform offer to change problems to service provider as needed and confirm the correspondence situation afterwards. In addition, we propose system improvement for the mayor when improvement of system is necessary.

Picture which has offer in service provider

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Health and Social Welfare Bureau General Affairs Department consultation adjustment section

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Telephone: 045-671-4045

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