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News of firefighting water use facility setting subsidy grant system

Final update date March 3, 2020

In the event of a large-scale earthquake, fire hydrants may not be available due to damage to water pipes. For this reason, in addition to fire hydrants, various types of fire prevention water tanks, rivers, ponds, etc. that are effective for fire fighting are required.
In Yokohama City, we are systematically developing fire prevention water tanks, but since it is becoming increasingly difficult to secure land for installation, we have newly established the “Firefighting Water Use Facility Installation Subsidy Grant System” and started in April 2005. Started on the 1st.
For those who are planning to build a fire-resistant building that can install a water tank (underground water tank) that utilizes the foundation, please understand the fire prevention water tank maintenance business and use this system.

Fire and water facilities installation subsidy grant system

For those who are planning to build fire-resistant buildings in certain areas (maintenance areas) where the amount of water for fire-fighting water other than fire hydrants is insufficient in Yokohama city, those who can install underground water tanks (40 m3 or more) It is system to issue subsidy, and water use facility targeted for subsidy grant and subsidy amount are as follows.
(Except when the installation of fire-fighting facilities is required by the provisions of other laws and regulations, and when subsidies are received by other systems for the installation of the fire-fighting facilities.)

Water-use facilities subject to subsidies

・water pipe
・underground tank
・A water tank that also serves as a water source for firefighting equipment or special firefighting equipment installed under the Fire Service Law.
・Other fire-fighting facilities deemed necessary by the fire department director

Subsidized amount

Subsidized amount

Water volume

Water-use facilities

underground tank2 million2.30 million2.6 million2.9 million yen3.2 million3.5 million3.8 million
Water tank
OtherThe amount and upper limit according to the above amount shall be 2.8 million, and the subsidy amount shall be determined after consultation within the limit.

(Unit: Yen)

Maintenance area

The city is divided into 500-meter meshes, and the risk of fire spread is evaluated based on the non-combustible area ratio (inflammableness) in the mesh and the approximate wooden protection coverage ratio (the amount of combustible materials), and each mesh is ranked.
In addition, the “base water volume” (the amount of water required for each mesh) is determined for each rank, and maintenance is carried out for meshes where the total amount of existing fire-fighting water other than the fire hydrant owned by each mesh is less than this standard water volume To do.
We assume 149 mesh as maintenance area, but please confirm concrete place with Fire Bureau Security Division.

Procedure for subsidy grant system

Flow of procedure of subsidy grant system
1 Prior consultation

At 1 Fire Bureau Security Section, Guidance Section or each fire department will inform you of the subsidy grant system at the time of prior consultation on construction.
2 The Fire Bureau Security Division Planning Section confirms whether or not it is applicable to the maintenance area, explains the system and procedures.

2 Application Please submit the subsidy grant application with the relevant documents.
3 Review In Fire Bureau Security Division examines the installation standards of installation.
    Construction started
4. Inspection We have you undergo each inspection of reinforcement inspection, intermediate inspection, completion inspection that Fire Bureau inspection.
    Construction completion


Performance Report Please submit a breakdown of expenses.
6 Billing Please submit your invoice.
7 Water Use Please submit designated consent form to the fire chief in charge and maintenance consent form to the mayor as firefighting water use.
8 Subsidy grant We issue sum decided in subsidy grant application.

※This system is based on the "Yokohama City Fire and Water Use Facility Installation Subsidy Grant Summary". If you have any questions about the details of the system, please feel free to contact the following contact information.

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