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Announcement of firefighting supply of water facility setting subsidy grant system

Last update date March 3, 2020

When large-scale earthquake occurs, we might not be able to use fire hydrant by damage of water pipe. Therefore, a variety of firefighting supply of water such as fire prevention water tank, river, pond which are effective for fire fighting as well as fire hydrant is necessary.
In Yokohama-shi, we performed maintenance of fire prevention water tank premeditatedly, but because securing of setting site became difficult year by year, we founded "firefighting supply of water facility setting subsidy grant system" newly and started on April 1, 2005.
We hope that we have fire prevention water tank maintenance business understand fireproof building that construction is planned which we can install water tank (the underground bari water tank) utilizing basic part in, and this system is utilized.

Firefighting supply of water facility setting subsidy grant system

It is system to issue subsidy for which can install the underground bari water tanks (40m3 or more) in firefighting supply of water that fireproof building is going to be built by designated area (maintenance area) that quantity of water is short except fire hydrant in the Yokohama city, and supply of water facility for subsidy grant and assistance amounts of money are as follows.
(case that receives subsidy by other systems for setting of the firefighting supply of water facility concerned when setting of firefighting supply of water facility is required by regulations of other laws and ordinances and is excluded.)

Supply of water facility which is targeted for subsidy grant

・The underground bari water tank
・Water tank which doubles as water sources such as facilities for fire station set up based on the Fire Services Act or facilities for special firefighting
・Firefighting supply of water facility which admits that director at other fire stations is necessary

Supporting amount of money

Supporting amount of money

Quantity of water

Supply of water facility

The underground bari water tank2 million2.3 million2.6 million2.9 million3.2 million3.5 million3.8 million
Combined use water tank
OthersWe assume amount of money, upper limit 2.8 million according to the amount of money mentioned above and decide supporting amount of money after discussion in the range of limit

(unit: Japanese yen)

Maintenance area

We divide the city into 500 meters of mesh and evaluate spread of fire degree of risk from funenryoikiritsu (it burns and is difficulty) and approximate tree coverage ratio-proof (quantity of inflammables) in mesh and put out each mesh for rank.
In addition, we set "standard quantity of water" (quantity of water that each mesh needs) for each rank, and total quantity of water of existing firefighting supply of water except fire hydrant which each mesh holds carries out maintenance for mesh less than this standard quantity of water.
We assume 149 mesh maintenance area, but, in the concrete place, I would like confirmation in Fire Bureau defending section.

Procedure for subsidy grant system

Flow of procedure for subsidy grant system
1 Prior consultation

We will tell about subsidy grant system at the time of prior consultation of building at 1 Fire Bureau defending section, Facility Planning Division or each fire department.
We perform explanation of confirmation, system and procedure for applicable presence to maintenance area in people in charge of 2 Fire Bureau defending section plan.

2 Application You attach dossier, and please submit subsidy grant application.
3 Examination In the Fire Bureau defending section, we examine in light of setting standard.
    Construction start
4 Inspection Intermediate inspection, completion has you undergo each examination of inspecting inspection to arrange that Fire Bureau defending section performs.
    Construction completion


The results report Please submit expense itemized statement.
6 Request Please submit bill.
7 Supply of water designation Please submit maintenance written consent to the mayor to the jurisdiction fire chief with designated written consent as firefighting supply of water.
8 Subsidy grant We issue sum that subsidy grant application determined.

※This system is based on "Yokohama-shi firefighting supply of water facility setting subsidy grant summary". If there are detailed nitsuiteyago any unclear points of system, please refer casually to the following contact information.

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