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We conducted a sounding-type market survey accompanying the renewal of existing fire prevention water tanks.

Final update date November 15, 2019

For establishment of "renewal business of existing fire prevention water tank", we carried out dialogue with private companies!

To establish a renewal business for existing fire prevention tanks, we conducted a “Sounding-type market survey” to widely hear ideas and know-how from private businesses.

<Implementation period>
From February 29, 2016 (Monday) to March 25, 2016 (Friday)
<Participation status>
6 business operators
<Result of Implementation>
In this dialogue, six companies participated and we were able to hold a dialogue.
Each company provided suggestions on construction methods and construction periods from a professional point of view, repair and repair methods inside the fire prevention water tank, and new renovation methods.
The issues facing the authorities are not only the problem of one part of the fire prevention water tank installed in a specific place, but also the future redevelopment of the fire prevention water tank with different installation conditions. And proposals were all helpful.
In the future, we will refer to the proposed construction methods for specific locations and promote the fire prevention water tank maintenance business.


Toward the Establishment of an Existing Fire Tank Renewal Project
Through dialogue with private business operators
"Sounding-type market research"

In Yokohama City, it will be time to renew (remain) existing public fire prevention water tanks that have been installed for more than 50 years in the future with the aim of securing water usage for large-scale disasters such as earthquakes. The installation status of the fire prevention water tank in Motoichi is difficult to secure a construction area for redevelopment (removal and new installation at the same place), and the cost is large.
Therefore, we conducted a “Sounding-type market survey” to widely listen to ideas and know-how that can be realized from private businesses regarding new redevelopment methods utilizing all or part of the skeleton. We would like to refer to the establishment of the method, so please join us.

1 Holding a preliminary briefing
We will hold a preliminary briefing on "Summary of fire prevention water tank" and "How to conduct dialogue". Those who wish to participate
To do so, fill out required items 1 “Application for Participation in Briefing Session” is entered, and sent by e-mail to the following address by the deadline.
(Date) February 26, 2016 (Friday) 10:00 am to noon
(Place) City of Yokohama, Fire Bureau (Hodogaya Ward General Government Building, 4F, Conference Room 402 
※Get off the elevator on the fourth floor and turn left.
(Content) The shape of the fire prevention water tank, how to conduct dialogue, etc.
(Application deadline) Wednesday, February 24, 2016 until 5:00 pm
(Application) E-mail: [email protected]

2 Conducted dialogue (Sounding-type market research) (advance application system)
We will conduct a dialogue (Sounding-type market research). If you would like to apply, please refer to Attachment 2
Fill out required items of "Ding Survey) Participation Application Form" and send it to the following address by e-mail within the application period.
(1) Date and place
About 1 hour to 1.5 hours from February 29, 2016 (Monday) to March 25, 2016 (Friday) (adjusted individually after application)
City of Yokohama, Fire Bureau Defense Division (4th floor of Hodogaya Ward Station Security Section
(2-9 Kawabecho, Hodogaya-ku, Yokohama-shi)
(2) Targets
Businesses that have the knowledge, experience, achievements, resources, credit and technical skills necessary for construction work
(3) Application period
From February 22, 2016 (Monday) to March 11, 2016 (Friday) 5:00 pm
(4) Application destination
E-mail: [email protected]
(5) Details of the dialogue and how to implement it
We will ask you for feasible opinions and suggestions based on “5 Contents of the dialogue and how to proceed” described in the Implementation Guidelines.
※ For more information, please download the following guidelines.

※ The 4th floor of Fire Bureau Office (2-9 Kawabecho, Hodogaya-ku, Yokohama-shi: Hodogaya-ku General Government Building)
We distribute entry sheets necessary for application for territory and dialogue.

PDFImplementation guidelines (PDF: 316KB)

3 About shape of fire prevention water tank 
・Cylindrical underground burial (earth covering: about 50-100cm)
・Reinforced concrete or concrete
・Capacity: 40t or 100t (example of 40t in the figure below)

Fire prevention tank image

※ The above dimensions vary depending on the installation year.

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