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"We protect fireboat Yokohama, fireboat", and o locates in Tsurumisuijyou firefighting branch office to deal with ship fire on the sea and disasters such as dangerous materials outflow accident, the coast complex facility which further contacted with area of the sea.

Last update date March 15, 2019

Fireboat "Yokohama"

"Yokohama" is the biggest in the authorities fireboat, and even voyage facilities and the night and bad weather such as radars are safe fireboats which equipped with infrared cameras to be able to navigate to navigate coasting area except Yokohama Port in case such as wide area support at emergency disaster.
We are equipped with large firefighting pump and water cannon which can drain water off at 50,000 liters a minute to cope with complex fire and large-scale city area fire.

Image 1 of fireboat Yokohama
Fireboat "Yokohama"

"We protect" fireboat

"We protect" has the equipment for first 15,000 liters grade water cannon, remote control steerage, sea surface automatic going up and down-type help ladder, traverse propeller for fireboat in our country.

Lifeboat "yumehama"

We use "yumehama" in case such as lifesavings.

Lifeboat yumehamano image 1
Lifeboat "yumehama"

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