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It is introduced activity to performance

Firefighting musical band holds self planning concerts such as periodical performance and disaster prevention contact concert, BOSAI cafe concert and acts in disaster prevention enlightenment activity. In addition, we receive request from each ward station of Yokohama-shi and general group of city and perform dispatch performance at each site in city. Here, we introduce state of activity to performance.

Last update date January 6, 2021

Yokohama New Year's parade of fire brigades 2021

 Citizen's all of you and people concerned gathered in the "Akarengasoko" outskirts and learned Yokohama New Year's parade of fire brigades and held as event to be able to enjoy, and firefighting musical band showed drill performance, too.

 It was the situation that convergence was not in sight about about new coronavirus infectious disease, and holding by past conduct method judged that it was difficult to take perfect infection preventive measures and delivered picture version "Yokohama New Year's parade of fire brigades 2021" now in video sharing site YouTube. Check it out!

Firefighting musical band first original piece of music "this town YOKOHAMA" is completed!

 Firefighting musical band wrote a song as new approach by oneself and composed and produced the original piece of music.
To person who had you listen to this music, it loaded melody with such thought "to have you had you further come to like Yokohama and become smile".
 In addition, we expose spot to member of fire brigade protecting area in "tying this town in defense, the future" that it is concept of this music in total and make video.
 With heartwarming singing voice, please enjoy promotion video which you brought photograph of members of active fire brigade or beautiful scenery photograph of Yokohama into.

Sound source
"This town YOKOHAMA" ~ full chorus. ver~ (music file (MP3): 8,157KB)
"This town YOKOHAMA" ~piano.ver~ (music file (MP3): 3,069KB)
The lyrics
"This town YOKOHAMA" lyrics (PDF: 106KB)

※About the original piece of music, it can inflect in various scenes.
For details, please refer at the following.
☎Reference Yokohama-shi musical band 045-311-0100

Periodical performance

We hold "periodical performance" every year. In addition, we hold "memory concert" in commemoration of the foundation every five years.
Photograph is periodical performance that we held in Kanazawa public hall in August, 2019.

Concert of the 60th anniversary of the Yokohama-shi firefighting musical band foundation

Our musical band founded in commemoration of the Yokohama opening of a port 100th anniversary, the municipal organization 70th anniversary in 1958 reached the 60th anniversary in 2018. With all thanks for 60 years, we held commemorative concert in Yokohama Minato Mirai Hall in February, 2019.

Disaster prevention contact concert

As self planning concert, we borrow Yokohama Disaster Risk Reduction Learning Center and other facilities and hold around six times a year "disaster prevention contact concert".
As we carry out pleasant concert that made an elaborate plans, "Halloween concert" where member of musical band disguised himself/herself as "spring warm dandelion concert" in April for infants in October, member including "Christmas concert", please arrive by all means in December!

BOSAI cafe concert

In "BOSAI CAFE" of Yokohama Disaster Risk Reduction Learning Center, we hold "BOSAI cafe concert" regularly.
[listen], trivia about disaster prevention carry foot to concert by [while eating], live performance in lunch by all means [you can learn], too!
Entrance of comings and goings and child on the way is welcome!
Please enjoy member and program in performance changing every time!
About schedule, please confirm plan of activity in performance.

The Yokohama Port departure from a port, welcome performance

In the case of temporary transfer and welcome of large passenger ship, we play at large san bridges.

Evacuation drill concert

In evacuation drill concert that hall in Yokohama-shi holds, we appear as player.

The Yokohama parade (international costume parade)

"The Yokohama parade" held in May participates every year.
In addition, we accept request for dispatch such as street parade of mall.

Rugby World Cup 2019TM

We played as closing ceremony in Rinko Park (Seaside Park) [fan zone] on day of the Rugby World Cup final on November 2, 2019! All of japan was excited at rugby in this year! !

The matter of celebration line

We participated in the matter of celebration line practiced on Sunday, November 10, 2019. Yokohama-shi firefighting musical band played in front of Akasaka Goyochi of Aoyama-dori.

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