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Request method of dispatch performance

Request method of dispatch performance after April 1, 2019 changed.

Last update date March 30, 2019

Request method of dispatch performance after April 1, 2019

Firefighting musical band press-agents disaster prevention, reduce disaster damage to all of you through performance and performance clearly.
Apply in the next procedure if you would like to dispatch.

◆If schedule to want you to carry out dispatch performance is fixed, please submit dispatch application by 15th four months before the month.

◆We accept dispatch application in Email or Fax for six months of the moon wanting you to carry out dispatch.

◇Dispatch application downloading ◇(word: 24KB)
◇Dispatch application downloading ◇(PDF: 332KB)

Monthly application reception desk period and dispatch decision day

The moon which you wish to dispatch

Application reception desk period

Dispatch decision


From October 1 to December 15

The end of December


From November 1 to January 15

The end of January


From December 1 to February 15

The end of February


From January 1 to March 15

The end of March


From February 1 to April 15

The end of April


From March 1 to May 15

The end of May


From April 1 to June 15

The end of June


From May 1 to July 15

The end of July


From June 1 to August 15

The end of August


From July 1 to September 15

The end of September


From August 1 to October 15

The end of October


From September 1 to November 15

The end of November

  • We decide the right or wrong of dispatch based on the application after dispatch application was submitted.
  • Result will inform by the last day four months before the moon wanting you to carry out dispatch.
  • Please note that dispatch is not decided by submission of application.
  • Prior adjustment with telephone with person in charge of dispatch is not necessary.
  • If conduct of dispatch is decided, we make arrangements about the details.
  • Dispatch of musical band is free.
  • Or securing of parking lot, please trailer bus, truck, one of the wagons by form of performance to venue as we plurally call.

Inquiry to firefighting musical band

TEL: 045-311-0100
FAX: 045-312-0386
Email: [email protected]

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Inquiry to this page

The Fire Bureau prevention department Yokohama Disaster Risk Reduction Learning Center

Telephone: 045-312-0119

Telephone: 045-312-0119

Fax: 045-312-0386

E-Mail address [email protected]

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