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Yokohama heliport facility introduction

Last update date March 23, 2019

Facilities of airports


  • Beginning to use April 1, 1982
  • Place 3-2, Fukuura, Kanazawa-ku, Yokohama-shi
  • 28,800 square meters of plottage

Airport land heliport (for the non-community)

  • Landing zone 48m in length X 36m in width
  • Runway 42m in length X 30m in width
  • Taxiway 25m in length X 9m in width
  • Apron 160m in length X 45.5m in width
  • 9 tons of runway strength
  • Wind direction/speed

                   In the summer: Southwestern wind
                   In winter: Northwest wind about 5m/sec

60 total aviation light facilities (77 lights)

  • Breakdown: One airport Lighthouse (1 light),
  • 12 border lights (12 lights),
  • Six border instruction lights (6 lights),
  • 34 taxiway lights (34 lights),
  • Two aviation disorder lights (2 lights),
  • One direction of the wind light (4 lights),
  • Four apron flood light (18 lights)

Other facilities

Automatic shutter

Shutter (with TV camera, intercom) at slip road entrance with remote control

Peripheral caution device


Slip road: Fire Bureau uses the tunnel (21m in length X 7m in width) and sea side buffering obi (349.2m in length X 10m in width, 3,492 square meters in area) at Port and Harbor Bureau management site.

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Telephone: 045-784-0119

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