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The main performance and main equipment for helicopter introduction

Last update date October 1, 2019

City of Yokohama, Fire Bureau aviation fire brigade holds two helicopters. Nickname called "hamachidori 2" is added to these two helicopters each "hamachidori 1".

Main performance of helicopter

Main performance of helicopter
  The first unit The second unit
Nickname hamachidori 1 hamachidori 2
Registration sign JA131Y JA152Y
The navigation start date July 1, 2013 June 4, 2015
Body Manufacturer agusutauesutorando company (Italy)
Model agusuta-type AW139 type
Full length 16.66m (at the time of main rotor turn)
[body 13.77m]
Overall width 13.80m (main rotor diameter)
[body 4.42m]
Overall height 4.98m
Can board; the number of people Up to 17 people
Maximum fuel burden 1, 588ℓ
Engine Manufacturer P & WC
(Pratt and Whitney Canada)
Model Pratt and Whitney Canadian style
PT6C-67C type
Radix Two engines
Max power 3,358HP (*2 1,679HP)
Performance Maximum cruising speed 306km/h
The greatest duration Four hours ten minutes
Maximum takeoff weight 6,800 kg
Main devices Hoist
272 kg
Hanging device
(cargo hook)
2,200 kg
Searchlight 1,600W
Picture transmitting device One visible infrared ray type high sensitivity camera
(right under the nose)
Outside the plane public address system
Fire extinguishing device Body fixation tank (1, 800ℓ)
Hanging pail (1, 000ℓ)
Emergency equipments installation device
Stretcher, oxygen cylinder

Successive helicopters

The first first unit (JA9544)

It is March, 1995 from April, 1980 during navigation period

SA365C type

The first second unit (JA9585)

It is March, 1998 from April, 1983 during navigation period

AS365N type

The second generation first unit (JA6740)

It is June, 2013 from April, 1995 during navigation period

AS365N2 type

The second generation second unit (JA98YH)

It is May, 2015 from April, 1998 during navigation period

AS365N2 type

The main equipment for helicopter

It is for aviation help

Whist device

Lift rescuer required and member, and take before opportunity or hang; and device to take down on ground.

  • 272 kg of maximum allowable load
  • Cable long 90m

Survivor sling

We attach to rescuer required and are machine parts to lift in whist device, and to save.

  • 270 kg of operational load

Stretcher for help

We fix rescuer required by stretcher and are machine parts to lift in whist device, and to save.

  • 200 kg of maximum allowable load
  • One greatest possible staff
  • About 10.2 kg in weight

ebakkuhanesu (rescue harness)

Rescuer required weakens and is machine parts to lift cases that consciousness state has bad in whist device in state that sat on chair, and to save.

  • One greatest possible staff

It is for fire extinguishing

Fire attack (body fixation-type fire extinguishing tank)

Device which puts installation water and extinguishant in body body retainer, and waters the fire spot.
It can absorb water by water absorption pump.

  • Tankage 1, 800ℓ

Fire extinguishing pail (outside the plane suspension type)

For aerial fire extinguishing, we attach to cargo hook with container to put water and extinguishant in and are device watering the fire spot. We can do compactly by folding, and the deployment in plane is possible.

  • Capacity 1, 000ℓ

Fire flextime

We use aerial fire fighting as simple water tank when we supply with water from ground and can secure the headwaters in this way.

  • Capacity 6, 800ℓ
  • Upper part 2,150mm in diameter
  • Height (time filled with water) 1.2m

Emergency business

sukuikyushikizaitorifusooki (EMS)

It is device to take emergency patient in opportunity, and to convey to medical institution.

  • One stretcher for plane
  • Oxygen cylinder

It is for supplies conveyance

Outside the plane suspension device (cargo hook)

It is device that relief supplies hang thing which it cannot accommodate in other heavy goods before opportunity and transport.

  • 2,200 kg of maximum allowable load

It is for intelligence

HTV system

We send picture which we shot by high-performance camera equipped with right under the helicopter nose from the sky to commander center and activity corps above the ground and are system to support ground activity.
At the time of special disasters occurrence such as the night and complex disaster, we can photograph temperature distribution of subject that judgment is impossible by the naked eye by changing to infrared mode.


Outside the plane public address system (speaker)

It is device to use for evacuation instruction at the time of disaster, various publicity work.

  • Output 1,200W


We irradiate from the sky and are device to use for support of search and ground various activities.

  • Output 1,600W
  • We can distinguish person from an altitude of 100m.

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