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Activity introduction of aviation fire brigade

Last update date October 1, 2019

City of Yokohama, Fire Bureau aviation fire brigade keeps function of helicopter and mobility alive and performs firefightings such as conveyance of intelligence, picture transmission, help, fire extinguishing, public information, emergency patient.

We work on intelligence

When participation fire brigade moves into action, information such as the disaster situation, the damage situation becomes very important.
By confirming these information that aviation fire brigade cannot confirm from the sky in from ground, and giving information, they support ground activity.

  • Confirmation such as the spread of fire situation at the time of fire, human life danger, rescuer required
  • Damage investigation such as building, national highway at the time of earthquake disaster of main highways
  • Damage investigation such as the flooding, landslide of river caused by typhoons
  • The situation confirmation when there was outflow of dangerous materials from dangerous materials facilities
  • The situation confirmation when confirmation of the disaster situation is difficult from ground such as large-scale disaster, traffic accident on expressway

Copter television transmission system

We picturize the disaster situation of the disaster spot in real time and can transmit copter television transmission system to the on-site conduct headquarters and are system which various disasters are extremely effective for as intelligence means to cope.

Rescue operation

We carry out the following rescue operation that we made use of characteristic of helicopter in in a wide variety of help spots such as drowning accident in river, the sea, accident in the mountains place, rescue from the roof in high-rise building.

Rescue by landing

When it can take off and land safely in the disaster spot, it lands directly and rescues rescuer required.

Rescue by whist

In case such as the mountains area or lifesaving activity that helicopter cannot land at, aerial stop (hovering) place helicopter and we let stretcher for rescuer and help descend using whist device equipping body with and save.

Rescue by riperingu

When landing of helicopter is difficult, we let helicopter make aerial stop (hovering) and let member of aviation rescue team descend using rope which we attached in body quickly and are method rescuing.
This method is effective approach method that can let plural members descend quickly and continually.

Aerial fire fighting

When it is difficult to approach installation of an automatic firearm from ground such as building fire, ship fire, the forests and fields fire, we perform fire fighting using body fixation-type fire extinguishing device (fire attack) and fire extinguishing pail from the sky.

Body fixation-type fire extinguishing device (fire attack)

We attach tank device to the body lower part of helicopter and we put water and fire extinguishing drug and perform fire extinguishing from the sky.
Using self-water absorption pump, it can absorb water by oneself from dam, pond, river and can extinguish a fire repeatedly.

Fire extinguishing pail

We hang fire extinguishing pail at outside the plane suspension device (cargo hook) of the lower body of helicopter and extinguish a fire from the sky.

Supplies transportation

Land route is cut apart by disasters such as earthquake disaster, heavy snowfall and can transport supplies from ground to place where came to have difficulty in transportation from the sky.

Supplies transportation using outside the plane suspension device (cargo hook)

We hang supplies in the lower body and, other than method to be equipped with before opportunity, can transport using outside the plane suspension device.

Emergency conveyance

When long-distance changing hospital conveyance is necessary, we attach emergency equipments installation device for accident or emergency surgery in area needing long-time conveyance to hospital in plane and convey patient.
In addition, we perform conveyance such as doctor, nurse to the disaster spot.

Publicity work

In the disaster occurrence area, we provide information using outside the plane public address system which attached information such as evacuation warning, withdrawal order, evacuation instruction to body widely from the sky.
In addition, only at the time of disaster, we go about fire prevention public information as needed.

Other activities

Activity of City of Yokohama, Fire Bureau aviation fire brigade is used in administrative investigations such as aerial photography of necessary photograph administratively besides. In addition, as well as activity in Yokohama-shi, it moves into action based on various support agreements out of the prefecture.

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