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Summary of Yokohama heliport

Last update date October 1, 2019

Organization of Yokohama heliport

In Yokohama heliport, there are navigation of plane, aviation rescue operation and aviation department and maintenance department training maintaining equipments for plane and help.
By these two courses, we conduct affairs mainly on firefightings such as fire extinguishing, help, first aid, and wide area support works for large-scale disaster to occur in each places of the whole country.

Organizational chart of Yokohama heliport

Ayumi of Yokohama heliport

Ayumi of Yokohama heliport
The name of an era Article
May 1, 1979 Flying corps start preparations charge is set up by the defending department Security Division
December 1, 1979 We secure setting place of Yokohama heliport
April 1, 1980

The first unit navigation start (SA365C1 type)
※Operation that we borrow the Tokyo Fire Department flying corps government building (Tokyo heliport)

April 6, 1981 We post aviation rescuer in each fire department
February 9, 1982 We participate in Japan Airlines airplane Haneda offing crash
March 13, 1982 The Yokohama heliport completion
April 1, 1982 "Yokohama heliport" starts by reorganization as department (we set up control department, aviation department, maintenance department)
April 1, 1983 The second unit navigation start (SA365N type)
April 1, 1983 Helicopter TV device operational start
May 30, 1986 Wide area aviation firefighting support conduct summary establishment at the time of large-scale special disaster
May 1, 1988 It becomes 2 department of A.T.C. department, maintenance department by reorganization
It is February 4 from January 17, 1995 We participate in the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake
April 1, 1995 The first unit (hamachidori 1) update navigation start (AS365N2 type)
July 6, 1996 One operational system enforcement such as holidays
August 12, 1996 Heliport earthquake measures maintenance business (prevention of liquefaction construction in apron) start
May 13, 1997 We build more two 10kℓ tanks in refueling facility, and total amount to be stored is increased by 40kℓ
October 3, 1997 Heliport earthquake measures maintenance business (prevention of liquefaction construction in apron) completion
April 1, 1998 The second unit (hamachidori 2) update navigation start (AS365N2 type)
January 17, 1999 The night wait system enforcement
April 26, 1999 We display in the old first unit (the first issue machine) Yokohama heliport and save
From October 28, 2004 to 30th We participate in Niigata Chuetsu earthquake
December 20, 2007 Hangar asbestos removal construction completion
From June 14, 2008 to 17th We participate in Miyagi, Iwate inland earthquake
From March 11, 2011 to 31st We participate in the Great East Japan Earthquake
It is August 1 from July 30, 2011 We participate in Niigata, Fukushima heavy rain
July 1, 2013 The first unit (hamachidori 1) update navigation start (AW139 type)
From October 16, 2013 to 31st We participate in Oshima-machi, Tokyo for the earth and sand disaster accompanied with typhoon No.26 disaster
June 4, 2015 The second unit (hamachidori 2) update navigation start (AW139 type)
December 18, 2015 The new hangar completion
April 1, 2016 By reorganization, it becomes aviation department from A.T.C. department
April 14, 2016 We participate in earthquake centering on the Kumamoto, Kumamoto district
August 31, 2016 We participate in Kuji-shi, Iwate because of flood accompanied with typhoon No.10 disaster
May 6, 2017 We participate in Futaba-gun, Fukushima forest fire
December 18, 2017 We participate in Uenohara-shi, Yamanashi forests and fields fire
January 4, 2018 We participate in Nishitama-gun, Tokyo forests and fields fire
July 8, 2018 We participate in Ehime for damage accompanied with heavy rain disaster in July, 2018
September 6, 2018 We participate in Hokkaido Iburi eastern part earthquake disaster

The time required from heliport

It arrives at everywhere in Yokohama-shi within eight minutes after taking off from Yokohama heliport.

Activities of City of Yokohama, Fire Bureau aviation fire brigade

With response to various disasters that City of Yokohama, Fire Bureau aviation fire brigade is caused by two helicopters to hold in Yokohama-shi,
We carry out support participation to the prefectural inside and outside.

The navigation situation (during 2018) of helicopter
  The total The first aviation fire brigade The second aviation fire brigade
The number of times Time The number of times Time The number of times Time
The total 583 401:40 338 219:45 245 181:55
Disaster participation 136 89:25 85 51:54 51 37:31
Breakdown Fire 96 50:41 63 31:45 33 18:56
Other than fire
(help, first aid, caution, others)
7 1:48 2 0:18 5 1:30
Support 33 36:56 20 19:51 13 17:05
(flying corps training, fire drills )
402 288:29 226 155:45 176 132:44
Investigation, inspection
(pad, administrative inspection, aerial photography)
45 23:46 27 12:06 18 11:40

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