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The activity introduction prevention

Last update date March 12, 2019

When we prevent fire and disaster while we carry out a quick activity for fire and disaster, and fire and disaster occur, we develop preventive duties to minimize damage.
Perform on-the-spot inspection to inspection such as facilities for preventive inspection and firefighting for buildings, dangerous materials facility and hazardous materials transportation vehicle, of fire and disaster prevent, and plan security of human life at the time of disaster occurrence. In addition, we perform disaster drill such as fire prevention, earthquake, first aid that there was in the needs with area (Neighborhood Association, Neighborhood Associations), office, school, nursery school, citizen's group to minimize damage at the time of large-scale disasters such as major earthquake or storm and flood damage and promote strong town planning for disaster.

On-the-spot inspection (indoor stopper fire extinguishing facilities)

On-the-spot inspection (automatic fire information facilities reception board)

We perform preventive inspection to prevent fire of building and check facilities and fire prevention regime for firefighting of building.

Examination for facility

Inspection of outdoor tank bank in petrochemical complex area.

Initial-stage fire-fighting techniques.  instruction

With Neighborhood Association, Neighborhood Associations, office, local resident including school, we perform fire prevention, disaster prevention, training and first aid treatment such as earthquakes, lifesaving class and aim at town planning that is strong in disaster.

Disaster drill in office. The handling of precise fire extinguisher holds the key to the success or failure of initial-stage fire-fighting techniques. .

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation instruction

Disaster prevention instruction car

A seismic intensity of 7 is experienced by disaster prevention instruction car. We realize importance of the preparation to earthquake again.


Fire Bureau mascot character "Hama is doing disaster drill with all, too"!

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