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Activity introduction fire extinguishing

Last update date January 21, 2019

Big city that there is not of, moreover, diversification of use stopping the change high stratification and the depths as progress, day. Furthermore, complexity diversifies more, and, from lifestyle of urban area that we continue moving without distinction of the night and day for 24 hours, form of fire tends to increase as for the difficulty of fire fighting whenever we add to day, too.
We repeat training that assumed every fire to protect citizen from fire and perform quick precise fire fighting.

Fire extinguishing 1

Fire extinguishing 2

In high-rise, fire extinguishing, rescue operation with ladder car is developed.

Fire extinguishing 3

Fire extinguishing 4

Fire extinguishing 5

Fire extinguishing 6

For disaster having difficulty in fireman approaching, we make full use of characteristic of special vehicle, and fire fighting is carried out.

Fire extinguishing 7

Fire extinguishing 8

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