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Activity introduction order

Last update date October 16, 2018

In firefighting commander center, we make full use of existence line, wireless communication network that we placed in Fire Bureau and fire department place, fire brigade, emergency services and continue firefighting, ambulance service. In firefighting commander center taking the center, we computer-control communication facilities of existence line, radio. Furthermore, by tying firefighting commander center and fire department place with dedicated line, realize speedy communication. It is prompt and deals with disaster to compete for moment in such latest communication facilities and network precisely. We minimize damage by disaster and still keep irreplaceable life.

Order 1
Yokohama-shi commander center. We keep wireless tower equipped with antennas group such as multiplex wireless parabola for emergency measures, parabola for copter TV in the upper part.

Order 2
Command module with 32 50 types multi-projector. We receive all emergency calls for fire brigade and ambulance in Yokohama-shi.

Order 3

Map search device, automatic dispatch display unit, support information display unit, memo input device hit order of firefighting, ambulance service with order stand equipped with various advanced features.

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Telephone: 045-334-6412

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