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Activity introduction first aid

Last update date January 30, 2019

We work on emergency lifesaving to compete for one minute one second to save holy life. For improvement of lifesaving rate of the disabled, we push forward the reinforcement, maintenance of high standard ambulance which loaded with training and kodosukuimeiyoshikizai of emergency paramedic who saves, and can deal with instructions of doctor in Yokohama-shi and promote enhancement of the emergency system such as operation of specialist in lifesaving instruction system.

Moving picture of emergency services
Activity of emergency services

High standard ambulance which paramedic boards. Electrocardiograph, sphygmomanometer, infusion set, pharyngoscope, cell-phone to contact doctor of firefighting commander center directly are comprised including half automation defibrillator in car.

Moving picture in ambulance
Activity in ambulance

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Telephone: 045-334-6413

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