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Last update date January 21, 2019

Rescue team and special disaster correspondence unit which wore specialized knowledge, technique play an active part to save holy human life from every disaster including not only lifesaving from fire but also underground shopping center, subway, high-rise, disaster on expressway, traffic accident, lifesaving, chemicals and poisonous dynamite, radioactive contamination and terrorism disaster.

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Member of rescue team which assumes the situation of various disasters, and repeats severe training. We go in response to every disaster while urban structure becomes complicated.

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Special disaster correspondence unit which high-pressure gas, poison, dynamite utilize knowledge, equipments which are scientific for special disaster that is hard to support by chemical substance, the equipment for general fire brigade including disaster with radioactive material, and wore chemistry hazmat suit works.

State of activity of special disaster-response unitState 2 of activity of special disaster-response unit

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Telephone: 045-334-6409

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