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City of Yokohama, Fire Bureau mascot character Hamakun

Final update date August 18, 2020

This is an illustration of Hama-kun who is saluted.

City of Yokohama, Fire Bureau mascot character Hamakun


Hama-kun was born in 1974 with the aim of becoming a fire mascot loved by Yokohama citizens. It was named "Hama-kun" from "Hama" in Yokohama. We regularly play an active part in various events, including posters and flyers, to make "firefighting" more accessible and familiar to citizens.

  • Birthday: March 22, 1974
  • Educational background: Dock School of International graduate
  • Special skill: Kendo (3 steps), Judo (2 steps), Ski (instructor), Swimming (National Athletic Meet)

About illustrations

Hama-kun's illustration was devised by a staff member of our Fire Bureau's fact that they are familiar with citizens using character dogs in fire prevention awareness projects and posters for children in the United States. The wish is that dogs are widely and deeply integrated into human life, and that the agility, wisdom, vitality, and loyalty of the dog are superimposed on the image of firefighting, and that the citizens have a sense of intimacy.
It was reborn as the current illustration in 2008.

Application for Illustration Use

When you hope for use of illustration, you have you read "City of Yokohama, Fire Bureau illustration use summary, please read required items Illustration Usage Guidelines,Fire Bureau General Affairs Department [First Style] Illustration Use Application Form, Please send it to the Planning Division.

Application Destination City of Yokohama, Fire BureauGeneral Affairs Department, Application

  • Email address: [email protected]
  • Location: 〒240-0001 2-9 Kawabecho, Hodogaya-ku, Yokohama
  • Telephone: 045-334-6401
  • FAX: 045-334-6510

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Telephone: 045-334-6401

Fax: 045-334-6510

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