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News, event information from Minami fire department

Last update date October 22, 2020

List of information

We carried out fire prevention disaster prevention workshop!

We carried out "fire prevention, the disaster prevention training" for member of visit care or local welfare officers who visited elderly person household.

It is to watch out for electricity fire!

When blackout occurs by large-scale typhoon and heavy rain, we are in danger of fire occurring when electricity restores.
We perform pair enough, and, in now of typhoon season, let's plot check!

Gumyoji and Gumyoji mall conclude fire station phase each other support agreement!

Religious corporation Gumyoji and Gumyoji mall cooperative concluded fire station phase each other support agreement!

Preparations 为 daijifurui*jun 备Preparation for a big earthquake to big earthquake

Japan is country with many earthquakes. Let's do preparations to big earthquake.

Do you check? Fire alarm for house!

Fire alarm for house will change every body not battery exchange using ten years as an indication.

We take measures early! The heat stroke prevention!

It is still point in summer that is public performance of heat, but days that become temperature near 30 degrees increase. In addition, we are in danger of heat stroke when it is humid even if temperature is low. We take measures of heat stroke from early stage, and let's get over forthcoming summer!

We are careful about fires!

It was 12 cigarettes, arson (including doubt) nine, cooker seven that the number of fires in Minami Ward of 2019 occurred, and it had many 43 cases as fire cause.

For relations that are hot with post office and fire department, red!

Yokohama south post office concludes memorandum about fire station phase each other support cooperation with Minami fire department,
"Fire caution corps" by member of post office started.

Yokohama-shi south fire brigade, recruitment of members

Another face which is formed on you
Requirements of member of fire brigade
・; people 18 years or older
・It is residence, working, attendance at school in Minami Ward
・Healthy person
・It becomes retirement at the age limit at age 70 years old
・Foreigner can join with some conditions, too

Magazine of the tenth anniversary of the south fire brigade start

When the south fire brigade reached the start tenth anniversary, we made commemorative magazine.

※As capacity of file is big, please be careful about data communication.

Minami Ward disaster prevention guide for foreigner

We had foreigner understand fire prevention, importance of disaster prevention and we wanted you to prepare for disaster and made.

Disaster drill relations

When we were in trouble without understanding contents of disaster drill

Request of disaster drill, please submit these documents to nearest fire department or firefighting branch office (Minami fire department person in charge of area table reference) (PDF: 110KB) after the advance notice

The borrowing of equipments for training such as water fire extinguisher is Minami fire department

Please submit these documents to preventive person in charge after the advance notice
Telephone: 045-253-0119

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