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Last update date July 6, 2020

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Request for fire prevention by confirmation of voluntary fire prevention management

By corona evil, different life form and business come to become usually often in the form.
All of you managing apartment or office have you carry out everyday voluntary check of facility appropriately, and please keep fire prevention in mind.

<about conduct method of voluntary check>
Other than check by independence check list to set of firefighting plan about offices making election, firefighting plan of 1 fire marshal,
  In reference to fire prevention measures independence check list (for object with fire marshal election duty) (PDF: 1,468KB), please carry out voluntary check.

Offices without voluntary check list that there is not election duty of 2 fire marshal and fixes for firefighting plan,
  In reference to fire prevention measures independence check list (for object without fire marshal election duty) (PDF: 692KB), please carry out voluntary check.

<voluntary fire prevention management enlightenment leaflet>
 ① Building management in appropriateness (PDF: 396KB)
 ② Responsibility (PDF: 295KB) of fire prevention management

Request from "WE love Konan" love

Member of home disaster prevention workshop

In late years a lot of natural disasters occur, and importance of "community support" has been increasing with "self support".
It is the training system to allow that the member of this home disaster prevention training begins with self support, and member of home emergency management plays an active part as leading figure of area disaster prevention.
Many citizen's all of you attend this training alone and are intended that we wear necessary knowledge and technique about fire prevention, disaster prevention.

Self-defense fire brigade training!

Office self-defense fire brigades in Konan Ward gather in a hall and borrow site of Keikyu Kamiooka driving school and show everyday training result.
We plan firefighting technology and improvement in morale mutually, and voluntary disaster prevention awareness in each office and disaster prevention carry out training party for the purpose of what is strengthened.
Office self-defense fire brigade is a big help for local disaster prevention by the cooperation system with office of not only self-defense of each office but also neighborhood.

Quickly and healthilykenkonanIt is (healthy what)!

Paramedic gives a lecture about the prevention of sudden illness and injury of child, emergency measures.
It being a lot by emergency conveyance of child
Sudden illness ... fever-related convulsions, epilepsy, abdominal pain
Injury, accident ... fall, fall, burn, suffocation
Injury and accident of child have many things which can prevent by protector being careful
Environmental maintenance is important (let's make environment where accident is hard to happen)
Paramedic playing an active part in the spot about the above gives a lecture.
We actually tell about example or emergency measure that there was clearly.
As you will go on a business trip to child care circles, please feel free to contact.

WellkenkonanIt is (healthy)!

In Konan fire department , we centered on prophylaxis of injury of elderly person
"It is for spirit!" We carry out emergency reliable lecture for elderly people.
... lecture summary ...
・Prophylaxis of injury based on the use situation of ambulance
・kenkonan da exercises to be easily possible with sitting down!
・Disaster prevention, reduce disaster damage information that centered on fire prevention
We carry out in nadoo around 45 minutes.
※"It is for spirit!" It is title which this sprinkles health and Konan and prays for vivid life of elderly person and made.

The disaster support agreement conclusion type

In July 5, 2019, Hino southern port area interchange space, support agreement was exchanged between the cause of Konan fire chief initial charge, special elderly nursing home Hino southern port and Okita Neighborhood Associations, Hino ka hill Neighborhood Associations and Konandai public employee house Neighborhood Association at disaster.
This support agreement concludes based on mutual understanding for the purpose of planning reduction of damage at disasters occurrence such as fire or earthquake. Person concerned with facility, the people concerned such as Neighborhood Associations officers attended at the conclusion type, and it was at opportunity to have you realize importance of self support community support in promotion of improvement in future local disaster prevention power again.

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