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Fire alarm for house

Last update date November 6, 2020

We protect "life" that fire alarm for house is important "property".

New house from June 1, 2006,

Existing house from June 1, 2011

Setting is required.

Let's install fire alarm for house in all families!

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Apartment house

Detached residence

Please be careful about vicious door-to-door sales!
We attach in Fire Bureau and support work.
About setting of fire alarm for house (video) (the outside site)
About maintenance of fire alarm for house (video) (the outside site)
Video introduces fire alarm for house
※Kohoku fire deparment made this video.

About fire alarm for house (video)

To fire department as for the inquiry about fire alarm for house nearby or Fire Bureau Prevention Division

Information creator: Preventive part Prevention Division
Information making day: 2011. 12. 1

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