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Fire alarm 9 reference for house

Last update date September 27, 2019

Each fire department (telephone, FAX is common) and Fire Bureau Prevention Division

Fire department

Phone number
Tsurumi fire department503-0119
Kanagawa fire department316-0119
Nishi fire department313-0119
Naka fire department251-0119
Minami fire department253-0119
Konan fire department 844-0119
Hodogaya fire department

334-6696 (FAX) 334-6699

Asahi fire department951-0119
Isogo fire department753-0119
Kanazawa fire department781-0119
Kohoku fire deparment546-0119
Midori fire department932-0119
Aoba fire department974-0119
Tsuzuki fire department945-0119
Totsuka fire department881-0119
Sakae fire department892-0119
Izumi fire department801-0119
Seya fire department362-0119

Information creator: Preventive part Prevention Division
Information making day: 2019. 9. 27

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The Fire Bureau prevention department Prevention Division

Telephone: 045-334-6406

Telephone: 045-334-6406

Fax: 045-334-6610

E-Mail address [email protected]

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